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Organizing Your Sewing Room: DIY Fabric Bolts

While I was busy making Sophia’s handmade party favors for her Princess Tea Party, I ran into a problem…


My fabric was everywhere. It seemed like I could really never keep it organized, other than the few pieces that were on small bolts that I purchased.

Sophia had already gotten a couple of birthday presents, which meant we had a few large cardboard boxes sitting in the garage and I got an idea – a light bulb went off in my head, kind of idea!


I’m sure you can probably buy reusable fabric bolts – actually you can, I just googled it – but I’m cheap, oh yeah, and green. So I decided instead of tossing those cardboard boxes, I would reuse them!


I simply took the cardboard bolts that were in my fabric that I purchased off the Walmart Clearance Rack and traced them out and cut them. I liked the bottom having the little tabs because it keeps the fabric from sliding off. 

I ran out of cardboard from the toys she had received, so I started grabbing cereal boxes, anything. The thicker the cardboard the better, but for small amounts of fabric the cereal boxes turned out fine too.


So if you find your sewing space a little un-organized like mine was, remember there’s a quick and easy fix! 


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