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How to Organize Cloth Diapers to Make Cloth Diaper Laundry Easier

If you find cloth diaper laundry daunting, you might need better cloth diaper organization. Here are some tips and tricks on how to organize cloth diapers to make your cloth diaper laundry routine go smoother.

Cloth Diaper Laundry Organization

Doing cloth diaper laundry is definitely my favorite household chore. I just love pulling my inserts out of the dryer and stuffing those pockets… because they are so cute and colorful. It’s also a type of laundry that I can do in the floor, which gets Sophia involved!

If you don’t love cloth diaper laundry, or find the task overwhelming, there are definitely tips and tricks to make it go more smooth. While these tips won’t give you more energy, they will organize cloth diapers in a way that makes doing laundry a little easier!

Laundry Room Setup

I definitely believe if your Laundry room and area is well organized, doing cloth diaper (or any type) laundry will go much quicker and easier. Here’s a picture of my current setup…

Laundry Room Organized

I make sure to have all types of detergent, including my favorite cloth diaper detergent, at hand. I also keep supplies on hand in case I have to strip my cloth diapers.

Cloth Diaper Drying Setup

I always line dry my covers on my drying rack, outside on warm days… inside on cold. Skipping the clothes dryer for my diapers not only saves energy, but it saves my diapers too. They don’t wear out as fast and it helps keep stains at bay.

cloth diapers on a drying rack outside in sun

You can read more about the benefits of line drying cloth diapers here.

Changing Table Organization Ideas

It really helps me to keep our changing table organized too. It’s so much easier to put away cloth diaper laundry and keep up with laundry day also.

My husband actually made this changing table for us. We have a large open space in our master bathroom and I knew it would be much easier to change cloth diapers in our bathroom, close to our DIY diaper sprayer.

Changing Table organization ideas with cloth diapers

Here’s how I organize our changing table for cloth diapers:

I keep our diapers in a box on top of the changing table. I go ahead and stuff them as soon as they’re washed to make diaper changes easier and faster. I also keep our cloth wipes, in a disposable wipe box, on top of our changing table too. To the right of the changing table is our diaper pail – right within reach after a change.

Cloth Diaper organization on the changing table

Inside the drawers I have extra cloth diaper inserts, diaper rash cream, and my reusable diaper liners. I also keep my wet bags here too so it’s easy to grab them when I’m packing my diaper bag for a day away from home.

Keeping your cloth diapers organized not only makes diaper changes go easier, it makes your cloth diaper laundry routine go easier too.

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Monday 21st of January 2013

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