Organic Mineral Sunscreen from Bare Belly Organics

This is a sponsored conversation about organic sunscreen, written by me, on behalf of Bare Belly Organics.  I received products to facilitate this review, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

I’m obsessed with sunscreen, which is why you’ll often find me blogging about different kinds and religiously lathering my kids.  Today, I’m super excited to share with you a new brand, to me, that I am really, really excited about… Bare Belly Organics!

Bare Belly Review

In case you are pretty new around here and you don’t know all of my back story, it’s appropriate for me to share that…

I’m a Melanoma Survivor.

In fact – tomorrow will mark 5 years from getting the call that totally changed my life.  I still get sick to my stomach hearing the nurse tell me on the phone [yes, it was a horrific way to learn] that my biopsy came back with a melanoma diagnosis.  I had a mole on my lower leg that had been changing for a year or so and just felt that something wasn’t right.  Luckily, my surgeon was able to remove all the cancerous cells and I have been cancer-free for almost 5 years now – say it with me, WAHOO!

After the diagnosis, I swore to myself that I would never be embarassed of my pale white skin and I would embrace sunscreen like never before… and I have.  Not only for myself, but for my girls.  I would never want to put them in harm’s way and sending them in the sun without sunscreen is not going to happen!

Bare Belly Face Stick

In fact, the girls just know it’s part of life and are usually pretty willing to be lathered down.  Now, I get asked a lot about what type of sunscreen that I use.  It really varies as to what I find in the stores.  I go with a high SPF, although once you get past about 30, they’re pretty much all the same.  I have a wonderful friend who works in Dermatology who told me that 2 of the most important ingredients in a sunscreen are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  Those are the ingredients that actually block the rays from penetrating your skin.  So, no matter what brand I choose – I always look for one of those ingredients.

So, yes, I always try to use the most natural ingredients possible BUT, as a Melanoma Survivor, sun protection is of the utmost importance to me – so when I find a brand like Bare Belly Organics that has both, well, I’m almost giddy!  Yes, that might be an odd statement about sunscreen, but let me tell you – they don’t come around often!

Even more impressive – this sunscreen is made right here in the United States – Georgia to be exact.  Read more about the ladies behind Bare Belly Organics here.Bare Belly Labels Collage

In fact, Bare Belly Organics uses a Non-Nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide in their Sunscreen Cream.  I admit, I didn’t know the difference, so I went to find out about it on their website.  “Nanoparticles are particles of matter that are small enough to enter the bloodstream through the skin (bad). NON-Nanoparticles, therefore, are those that will NOT enter your bloodstream (good). This is why we use non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient in all of our sunscreens.”  This is why you’ll see that most sunscreens, with zinc oxide, include Bare Belly Organics almost sit on top of the skin… that’s what they’re supposed to do!

Bare Belly Organic Sunscreen

Sure, you can rub them in more than I did above, but I just wanted to show you how thickly the Bare Belly Organics Cream covers.  Also – did you know…

You should use a Shot Glass size amount for EVERY sunscreen application.  And re-apply often [not just once].

I’m guilty of only using a small amount of sunscreen until I read that.  Plus, I’m REALLY good at re-applying now and the Sunscreen Body Stick is perfect for that purpose!

Sunscreen Stick

The organic sunscreen is available in a stick form for those times that you just don’t want your hands all in sunscreen.  I find that this stick is perfect to travel with – especially when we’re at an amusement park for the day!

Bare Belly Stick Sunscreen

Please, please, please – if you never take anything away from my posts, please take away some knowledge about the effects of sun exposure on yourself and your little ones.  I’ve made it to 5 years, which means my survival rate is up to 97% so I totally kicked cancer’s booty, but Melanoma can be a deadly diagnosis.  Cover yourself up with an organic sunscreen!

You can connect with Bare Belly Organics and learn more about their organic mineral sunscreen on their website.  I love the products and the price point is perfect for an organic mineral sunscreen that really protects.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and my favorite… instagram!


What have you learned about Organic Sunscreen and/or Sun Protection lately?



  1. Just wanted to let all of you know Bare Belly Organics is running a flash sale today (July 10) just until 6pm! We are giving away a free lipbalm (your choice of vanilla or peppermint) with every purchase. Come visit us and get some healthy sun protection!
  2. Thank you to everyone for your great comments! We would LOVE for you to try our sunscreen and would like to offer all of you 10% off at checkout with code EASY2BGREEN. Thank you and have a great sunburn-free summer! - Jill and Lisa
  3. I learned that sunscreen enters your bloodstream - very scary! I will be more careful about what I smear on my precious grandchildren from now on.
  4. We have a back yard swimming pool and it is good to know that you should use a Shot Glass size amount for EVERY sunscreen application. And re-apply often [not just once. I'll teach that to the grandkiddos.
  5. I learned that they ship for only $2.00. So when you find the perfect product or group of products, you don't have to worry about expensive shipping charges. That's definitely a perk I like.
  6. I didn't know the different between nanoparticles and non-nanoparticles OR that sunscreen would soak into my bloodstream! Good to know!
  7. Bare Belly Sunscreen contains non-nano zinc oxide which is the broadest spectrum UVA/UVB reflector.
  8. I learned that you should use a shot glass size amount of sunscreen for every application. I like the idea of an organic sunscreen!
  9. is a pack I want to try, is what I learned
  10. Their products look very luxurious - and I learned that "it won't actually melt! [Their] lotion is made with 100% all natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, which at high temperatures can soften."
  11. I learned they use non-nano zinc particles in their sunscreen because it cannot enter the bloodstream.
  12. I love that it's all organic - I often wonder what I'm putting on my skin when I'm trying to protect it from getting burned!
  13. i had never heard of this product.. i have 10 grandchildren and I think they always need sunscreen on so I am excited to try this if I get the chance.. thank you for what sounds like a great product!!
  14. I learned that they use non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient in all of their sunscreens
  15. Woo-hoo! So glad they got it all (in case I hadn't told you before!) I have never heard about the shot size application but I guess I'm good on that case because we use WAY more than that in one application! :-)
  16. Actually there are quite a few companies who specifically use nano particle zinc to try to reduce the whiteness that zinc leaves on your skin. The problem with nano particles is two fold: one, they are small enough to be absorbed by your skin, and two, there is a possibility that they promote free radicals when exposed to sunlight and can age the skin. Neither of those is an appealing option to me and why I would look for products with non-nano particle zinc oxide.
  17. When I was 15, I was put on medication (or more so a topical cream) to put on my face for acne. One weekend I decided to lay out and get a tan....well needless to say my face didnt like that. I ended up with 2nd degree sun burn on my face. I was VERY lucky that it wasnt painful physically but was very embarrassing for a 15 year old girl to go to school with esp during finals week. Ever since then I have avoided the sun like the plague. I have learned the white, sun reflecting skin is not so bad to have and shouldnt be embarrassed by it. My mother of course likes to make fun of me but I dont care...she hopefully will not have to learn the hard way like you did since she has always sun bathed and continues to even though her grandmother died of skin cancer on her legs and she never was in the sun long. When our son was born, sun screen was the first thing I looked for...of course then I found out all of the lovely chemicals that come in the majority of them and sadly it is very hard to find sunscreen with just Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide in it...esp the ones that wont turn your body white! I did end up finding some for our son but would love to try this product for the whole family!
  18. I learned that NON-Nanoparticles are those that will NOT enter your bloodstream (good). I'm glad you are now cancer free. I read the most common place for women to get skin cancer is on their lower legs. I guess it is one place that isn't thought of as much to cover up (or as easy). I now try to stay covered up including ankles and long sleeves and hat and sunscreen.
  19. Wonderful post! It's so important to protect ourselves and our kids from the harmful rays...even when it isn't sunny out, I still put sunscreen on. So happy you're cancer-free! :)
  20. Reading your post, I was reminded that you should use a shot-size application each time. I knew that once upon a time, but it was a great reminder! I have fair skin, and having a new LO I'm looking for a great natural sunscreen. I use Badger, but trying out something else is always fun. Thanks for reviewing this product!
  21. This sounds great! Thank you for sharing. I learned a few years back that your run-of-the-mill sunscreen was just as bad as not wearing it and keep my eye open for better options. This one sounds great!
  22. great giveaway...we could really use this with summer coming up and all our time at ballparks and such thanks a lot!!
  23. The products look great, but then I was wondering where the spf 50 products were located. I took the time to educate myself on spf (on the site). I guess I won't be needing spf 50!! Good to know :)

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