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All in One Cloth Diapers***EDIT***  Greenie Beanie Bottoms has since had a name change to Irresistibly Green.  Still the same, great Customer Service, Owner, and products, just a different name!

I recently had the pleasure of re-connecting with the cloth diaper store, Greenie Beanie Bottoms.  We worked together in the past on a review of a DrybeesAIO diaper {and I found the love} and eventually added 2 more of them to our stash.  This time around, Steph sent us a ones&twos cloth diaper to try.  Before you hear my opinion on this relatively new cloth diaper, let me share a bit about this great store!

Greenie Beanie Bottoms offers FREE SHIPPING on ALL US order, $3 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada, carries some of the most popular cloth diaper brands and brands that you might not have heard of but definitely need to try, a great Affiliate Program for Bloggers, AND great sales and promos are to be found nearly all the time!  How’s that for Customer Service!?

I feel like I’ve reviewed and used a ton of cloth diapers, but there are still a ton more on the market that I’ve yet to try.  This was why I chose to review the ones&twos brand this time around.  It’s only been on the market since early this year, so there aren’t a ton of reviews on them yet.  It’s a moderately priced, one-size diaper.  With their 4 rise setting system, they claim to fit from 6.5 – 39 lbs.  I would love to try it on a tiny baby, it really does seem like it would definitely fit a small child.

You may see this diaper classified as an All-in-One or an All-in-Two.  To me, it’s an AIO.  The soaker is sewn in, but each diaper does come with an extra soaker pad, for extra absorbency.  The extra soaker pad doesn’t have to be used, which is why I classify it as an AIO.

Ones&Twos AIO Diaper

The first thing I noticed about this diaper was just how slim it was.  Look at the width compared to a bumGenius Freetime…

One drawback to cloth diapers that my husband has always had is the way that most of them make the girls legs go outwards because they are so darn wide between the legs.  I’m really not sure while they are all like this.  It really makes for a hard fit on newborns or younger infants because the diapers look quite uncomfortable between their tiny legs.  That’s why I can definitely see the ones&twos fitting a small baby much easier.

Not only are they trim between the legs, the diaper fits very trim in the tush too.  If you’re looking for a diaper that fits well under clothes, the ones&twos might just be what you’re looking for.

The aplix on the diaper {currently, these diapers only come with aplix closures} has held up really, really well so far.  We’ve used this diaper at least 20 times and it seriously still looks brand new.  It’s one of the first I reach for when I’m packing the diaper bag because it doesn’t take up much room and because it’s easier for me to put a velcro diaper on when we’re in public than snaps.

I really have nothing but high praises for this brand.  It’s worked really well for us so far.  We only use it during the day {nothing but fitteds+wool gets Moreaya through the night} and I have no hesitations with putting it on her at naptime.  My stash has slowly converted to about 65% AIOs because they’re so simple and easy to care for and this diaper dries really well hanging on our line!

Buy It:  You can purchase an ones&twos cloth diaper at Greenie Beanie Bottoms for $16.95.  They come in 6 vibrant colors!

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  2. I've actually just heard about this brand of diapers from a friend! Good to know they are well liked! I'll have to give them a try! :)

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