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One Easy Change to Go Green in the Bathroom

One Change Green Bathroom

If you’re on a journey to have your home be a little more eco-friendly or you’re just starting to consider walking a green-er path for your family, you might be a little overwhelmed. I admit, there are a ton of messages being blasted at us on a daily basis to make healthier and more eco-friendly choices in every area of our life.

While most of the messages mean well, they are overwhelming and a lot of times make so many throw up their hands in frustration.

That’s why my mission has always been to share tips that make choosing a green lifestyle a little easier. Today I’m excited to share one tip that will not only turn your bathroom green, but will make your life less cluttered and happier. Is it a magical tip?

Perhaps if you want to look at it like that, but it’s a simple change that can make a big impact… toilet paper!

Scott Tube Free Toilet Tissue

I am ready to guarantee you 5 wonderful things that will happen when you switch to Scott Tube-Free. This small change will make your home happier and green!

1. No more arguments about who’s going to take the empty tube off the roll.

I really think my husband treats taking the toilet paper roll off the holder as serious as the NBA playoffs. Whoever actually takes the time to pull the cardboard tube off the holder loses, obviously. Thankfully Scott Tube-Free makes everyone a winner in this house now!

Toilet Paper Tube Free Collage

2. No more crafts re-using toilet paper rolls.

I know, I know. Pinterest is full of adorable toilet paper tube crafts, but really, how many butterflies and bird feeders can you make?!? As a parent to two girls who love arts and crafts, I admit that I’m more than happy to take this particular craft supply away from our stash.

3. You’ll take 150 less trips to the bathroom trash can.

That’s right, the average family uses 150 rolls of toilet paper a year. Although it might be a good minute of exercise, I can guarantee that you can find something more fun or interesting to use the time that you’d normally be walking to the trash can 150 times a year… I know I have because hubby isn’t doing that walk!

Tube Free Toilet Paper

4. You’ll have less trash in your household.

Sure, it’s probably the most obvious reason, but it’s true. With less tubes used, you’ll be contributing less waste to our planet’s landfills and turning your bathroom and entire home a little more green!

Scott Tube Free Mega Rolls

5. 66,000 in 2 minutes in the US alone

150 tubes may seem like a lot, but how does 66,000 in 2 minutes sound? That’s how many tubes Americans use and to put it into even more perspective, check out this hilarious YouTube video of a prankster crashing into that amount of tubes!


Saturday 18th of June 2016

wow it is amazing how much it adds up. I never noticed this before, I must start using it. Great find!!!