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On the Go Breakfast Ideas for Kids

With school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about school supplies, school clothes, and packing lunch boxes and snacks! You’re probably like me and when you see the term “school snacks” you think of after school, right? Well today I’m sharing our morning on-the-go snacks that are perfect for back-to-school time!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is over, well, not exactly over, but summer vacation certainly is! My girls will be going back to school in less than two weeks and I don’t think any of us are ready for that.

While I do appreciate the routine of school, I know there’s a ton of stuff that we need to accomplish before it starts. While we were shopping for school supplies at Walmart this past weekend, Moreaya kept talking about what she wanted to put into her new lunch box. I explained we weren’t exactly shopping for snacks and meals just yet, but she certainly insisted.

One of her favorite snacks anytime of the day is yogurt. She loves yogurt in any flavor and any form, but one of her favorites are drinkable smoothies. When we spotted the Dannon® Danimals® Smoothie Drinks Value Pack, Strawberry Explosion/Cotton Candy Value Pack in the Dairy section, they went straight into the cart.

I love them because of their perfect size, the fact that they are a good Source of Calcium and Vitamin D, and contain no artificial flavors. And she loves them, well, need we say more than Cotton Candy?!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find Dannon® Danimals® Squeezables Cotton Candy Lowfat Yogurt. We hadn’t had the chance to try out their yogurt pouches yet so we picked those up too. While both of these types of yogurt are frequent afternoon snacks in my house, today I’m sharing why I offer my girls a morning snack on-the-go too.

First, I have to say I’m thankful that both Sophia and Moreaya are morning people. They both wake up so well on their own and eat a good breakfast before getting ready for school. The slight problem with that sometimes, though, is that they eat a little too early and want a mid-morning snack. That’s no problem at all during the summer or on weekends, but when school is in session, well it is.

That’s why I’m going to be offering them a quick and easy snack on-the-go in the mornings before they head out the door to school. Whether your kids eat early and need a little extra in the car on the way to school or are the type that literally roll out of bed and into the car, they’ll be sure to love these easy, on-the-go breakfast ideas!

On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas for Kids

These little hands will almost always reach for Dannon® Danimals® Smoothie Drinks and I really don’t blame her. I love the nutritious drinks for their size and help fuel her day for school with a great taste kids love, with lots of flavor varieties.

Yogurt is a perfect morning snack because of it’s nutritional value and the Dannon® Danimals® Sqeezables are the perfect way to enjoy yogurt on the go!

Breakfast bars in the form of granola, fruit, or even cereal are perfect for kids on the move. We love to keep a stash of them in an easy to reach space right by the door.

Fresh fruit is something we always have readily available in our house whether on our kitchen island or in ready-to-go snack containers in the refrigerator.

Pancake Bites are a new family favorite. While muffins are the perfect size for a quick breakfast or snack, they’re usually really crumbly and not what I want in my Jeep seats. I’ve started making adorable pancake bites with fresh fruit in my mini muffin tin! It’s a fruit pancake in a muffin form [and far less messy]!


Sunday 16th of September 2018

Great ideas, love them!! Your daughters are adorable!

Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 11th of September 2018

These are some awesome ideas. Pancake bites sounds really good!

Debbie Welchert

Saturday 8th of September 2018

My grandson loves yogurt. He hasn't tried drinkable smoothies yet but I think he would just love them. The next time I'm at the store, I will definitely have to pick some up.


Tuesday 4th of September 2018

You have some wonderful ideas! My daughter loved eating cheerios in the morning. They were lower in sugar than most cereals and higher in fiber. Peanut butter toast was also a fast and filling breakfast.