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A Beginner’s View of Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

What is oil pulling and how does it seem to go as a beginner? Here’s my view of the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil.

Benefits Oil Pulling Coconut Oil

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I’ve come a long ways since jumping on the green scene. It really all started when I decided to use cloth diapers on Sophia. In case you haven’t heard the story before, it was all a bit of a challenge from my husband. He jokingly said, about my SAHM status, “You’ll be at home all day – plenty of time to wash diapers.” 

Turns out the joke was on him! Not only did he start out my full-fledged love affair with cloth diapers, but also with many other green things.

Seriously. I wrote about a menstrual cup a few days ago. I have a feeling that if you told me that I was going to be discussing such topics on a public blog five years ago, I would have blushed – and then laughed in your face.

And today I’m talking about another crunchy subject – or at least that’s how everyone around me views it… the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil.

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Oil pulling or oil swishing, in alternative medicine, is a procedure in which the practitioner rinses their mouth with approximately one tablespoon of ordinary cooking oil for 3-20 minutes, and then spits it out. This procedure is typically performed daily. Source.

I completely admit to being totally grossed out the first time I read about oil pulling.  How could anyone switch oil in their mouth for 20 minutes!?

Why and What Are the Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil?

When I shared the subject with my Mom and Rob – and everyone really – the second question out of their mouths was “Whhhyyyy?” You know that “Why” – that judging type of tone implying “Why the heck would anyone swish oil in their mouths for 20 minutes?” 

Yep, same one I had when I first read about oil pulling too.

I’m not pretending to be a health expert, no way no how, so take my words with a grain of salt. But when I read countless stories about how much oil pulling has affected people positively, I had to try it.

  • Oral Hygiene {think no more bad breath, gingivitis, stronger gums, re-mineralize teeth}
  • Natural Teeth Whitener
  • Sinus/Allergies
  • Migraines
  • Diabetes

There are so many more claims that people have made after starting oil pulling. AGAIN – this is NOT medical advice – only sharing what others have shared. For more, visit:

My thinking was this – Why not try it?! Why is our society so quick to jump on a bandwagon of any medication that a doctor/friend/family member suggests, but so against any type of natural cure/preventative.

How Do You Oil Pull?

There are a different variety of oils that you can use, including Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Coconut Oil.

If you’re looking for a great coconut oil to use for oil pulling, you’ll want to buy this one.

Benefits Oil Pulling Coconut Oil

The process is very simple. You put about 1 tbsp {I’ve been doing a little less to get used to it} in your mouth. The oil, if in a solid form like the coconut oil, will melt quickly and you swish around in your mouth, pulling through your teeth for up to 20 minutes. 

DO NOT SWALLOW the oil. 

Once you’re finished, spit the oil into a trashcan – I wouldn’t put it down any type of drain.

Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Quality, 4 fl. oz.Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Quality, 4 fl. oz.Everything I read said to oil pull on an empty stomach and make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. You can also rinse your mouth after you pull with warm salt water or brush your teeth.

I’ve also read that adding a drop of peppermint essential oil is a great way to help with the taste if that’s something you’re struggling with.

Why Does It Help?

Again – no expert here, just sharing information that I’ve found. Oil Pulling helps because it’s believed that as you swish the oil around, it is removing toxins/bacteria from your mouth. This leads to a healthier mouth and in return, a healthier body.

How’s It Going?

I’ve given you a short description of the oil pulling process and why I’m doing it, now here’s how I’m doing.

Day 1: My curiosity got the best of me and I just HAD to try it. 

My Coconut Oil smelled so good that I though surely it wouldn’t taste that bad and it really didn’t! I was surprised to find that it melted very fast and actually becomes about the consistency of water so it was easy to do. 

I was so glad it wasn’t thick and oily tasting.  I was only able to swish for a little less than 10 minutes because my mouth got SO tired. After I was finished, my teeth really felt clean.

I did the process twice on Day 1.

Day 2: I woke up with a sore throat. I have severe allergies and chronic sinus infections, which is one reason I wanted to try oil pulling. 

I don’t know if the process brought out these symptoms or if it was a coincidence, since everything is blooming here in east TN. I continued oil pulling twice on the 2nd day and made it to 10 minutes both times.

Day 3:  My teeth were noticeably whiter – already! Even Rob thought so. 

I only pulled once because I’m very sick, but I’m hoping to kick these symptoms to the curb for good!

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date how Oil Pulling is going for me. Until then… why not try it for yourself! All it takes is your choice of oil and 10 minutes of your day! Let me know what results you have!

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Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling? Is it something you do, would try? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Beginner OIl Pulling

None of the above are intended as health claims.  I am not a health professional or giving health advice, only putting out information that I’ve read and my personal experiences.  Please consult a medical doctor before you try any new health regimen.


Tuesday 24th of May 2016

I used to do this, and recently started up again, but I'm going to stop. It always gives me a sore throat by the next day, and sometimes laryngitis for a very long time. I suspect the loosened bacteria isn't all that good for you if your immune system is compromised. I agree with another poster that you should probably follow up with vinegar or salt water to kill off anything that remains. Another symptom is a really messed up heartbeart, which makes sense if the bacteria is getting into the blood. Studies have linked poor dental hygiene with heart disease ... not that I have poor dental hygiene, but it just shows that bacteria in the mouth can easily get into the bloodstream. My teeth were noticeably whiter, though, by the 2nd day, and I have spoken with other people that this has happened to, as well as with people who have said that it filled in their cavities. And finally, you don't really have to work at swishing or pulling the oil in order to get the tooth whiting effect. During this past attempt, I just held the oil in my mouth for twenty minutes, making sure in the beginning that my teeth were coated with it. I'd like to continue, perhaps with the vinegar follow-up, if I can blame something else for the heart symptoms. It was probably the oil, though. My heart is good right now. I'll try the oil again in a few days to see what happens, and try the vinegar follow-up to hopefully ward off any symptoms. Good luck to you all :)

Amanda Jordan

Thursday 7th of January 2016

I started yesterday and was unable to do it this morning it's hard to with a toddler running around. I plan to do my day 2 tonight since it will be awhile since I've eaten. I'm super pleased that it doesn't feel weird and gross like I thought


Saturday 10th of October 2015

I LOVE the taste of coconut oil but haven't really tried this as I know my mouth would get tired/sore after a few minutes. But now I'm curious so will give it a shot.

brenda disimone

Friday 17th of July 2015

ive always been curious about this ..i heard it helps with allergies


Sunday 31st of May 2015

I do want to try this but it sets off my gag reflex if i do it too long.