Oh Snap – a review of Pliers & Snaps from

Since my package from arrived last week, I’ve been snapping away.  No, not snapping my fingers, but adding snaps to anything and everything I can think of!

I was super excited to actually try my hand at using their plastic snaps and snap pliers because I had so many upcycle projects to tackle!  First on my list was… bibs!  Most of Moreaya’s stash of bibs were Sophia’s when she was a baby so the velcro is quite worn.  I hate to throw them away because first, it’s wasteful and second because there is still plenty of use left in them!  So, replacing the velcro with snaps seemed like the perfect first project to complete with my new pliers!

I ordered the Pliers for Plastic Snaps since my projects would be small in nature {I’m not crafty enough to start my own diaper making business}, snap presses are usually for crafters who are going to be using a lot of snaps.  With my package, I also received 100 plastic KAM snaps in Mixed Colors.  I was a bit lost when I got the package in the mail and saw three different types of plastic pieces, but the directions {along with pictures} on their website made it easy for even me to understand!

The Before

I photographed one bib project from start to finish. This is one of the Wipe-Off bibs that are super nice even now for Sophia. When we’re having a messy dinner, like Spaghetti, it helps save her clothes from being stained red which has been happening lately because the velcro on the bib was completely shot. So, I got to snapping…

The process is really quite simple and is done in 4 easy steps shown to the left. First you use the Awl {that comes in the package I purchased} to make the hole in your fabric where your snap will go.  Second you put the first part of the snap together.  Next, you line up your pliers.  Then… squeeze!

What actually happens is the poky prong in the middle of the snap is mashed flat, holding the snap in place.

You then repeat the same process for the other side of the snap.  It really is VERY easy!


I am still perfecting my snapping abilities.  It’s a bit tricky to get your pliers in the dead center of the snap sometimes, especially when you’re doing this either late at night or in the middle of trying to entertain two little girls, but I’m getting a better feel for it.

If you’re new to using plastic snaps and pliers, has a great Getting Started section as well as Tutorials to help you learn!

I’ve got many more snap projects in the works, using my KAMsnaps, and I’ll show them to you as I complete them!  Next up is Un-Paper Towels!

Buy It:  You can purchase the same set that I did… a set of Pliers and 100 Plastic KAMsnaps for $30.95 on the website.  They offer Free Shipping on US orders $28+ and Canadian orders of $35+!

*I paid for my purchase from KAMsnaps but will be reimbursed after this review is live.

  1. You can also turn your pocket diapers into AI2 diapers by putting a snap on mid-high back of the diaper and another on an insert.
  2. I would definitely use it to get some pliers and some snaps! I just got a sewing machine, so it would be fun to be able to add snaps to some projects!
  3. I would have to get the whole shebang, pliers and snaps. I've been considering making a few cloth diapers for my soon-to-be baby, and this would be great to get me started! I didn't realize the snaps came in so many colors, and that there are different sizes for different thicknesses of materials :)
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  5. I would use the $20 to get more snaps. I am running low. Maybe some other sewing necessities too. One thing I made with mine was pacifier holders./ toy holders. They are fast and easy. Right now I am using them to convert my worn out aplix on my cloth diapers to snaps.
  6. I would put the gift certificate towards Pliers and snap combo. I have been holding out on buying them but could really do with a pair since I am making lots of items for the baby on the way
  7. I already have a snap plier so I would buy more snaps. And another project you could try is making a cloth diaper!!! :)
  8. Another great project-training pants with snapping sides! Or prefolds into fitteds, or maybe a toddler backpack with snap pockets...
  9. My next project is going to be a Snapazoo! I found it on the KAMSnaps website.
  10. Another project is to use it to make the bib shirt! I LOVE ours! I also used them to make g-tube pads for a friends daughter :)
  11. Help if I put my name on my first comment. Oops. One of my ideas with the plastic snaps is putting some on a blanket with a pocket, zippers and buttons for little ones to learn how to use fasteners.
  12. I just got my first package of plastic snaps about a month ago, I have so many ideas to use them for. So many great colours too. So far I have added extra snaps to my cloth diapers, and some of the inserts.
  13. I'm interested in upgrading to a snap press. I love the embossed snaps as well. You should try using the embossed snaps to add flair to existing things. I know my daughter loves to chew on just the snaps...
  14. As for the GC, I need to get some more snaps in interesting colours. I'd love to get a mixed bag to play with. I have the snap press and it's so much easier on my hands than the pliers. :)
  15. I'd get the same set and replace the velcro on my cloth diapers with snaps. Plus I love the idea of putting snaps on bibs since my son can just pull the velcro bibs right off his neck.
  16. I would get the pilers with snaps package. I really need one so I can put snaps on a few diapers and other things around my house
  17. How about a fitted CD?? You can probably find the materials around your house (old tshirts, burp cloths, etc) and a free pattern online....
  18. This is a fun giveaway! I'm planning on getting snap pliers and snaps to turn some old wool sweaters into diaper covers for my hope chest. :)
  19. You could add a snap to your dishtowels to help them stay on the oven handle. Mine always are falling off there & if they were snapped they would stay put.
  20. I would get the same set you did! I am now dreaming of all the crafty things I could make! Thanks for the fun giveaway!
  21. don't enter me b/c I actually HAVE this set... but I am TERRIBLE with snaps. I need to just practice on a scrap of fabric and be willing to have a lot of mess ups! :)
  22. You can use it to make detachable flowers for headbands, purses, or whatnot so you can always change the color and style. :)
  23. You can also try making the pacifier clip
  24. I would get the same set you did

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