Oh Katy Cloth Diaper Review

Here at Oh Katy™ we haven’t just adopted a new name, we’ve listened to your suggestions and improved our product.  We still have our snug fit, unique patented front-opening pocket design, newborn hip snaps, and our coveted wrap and snap feature, but Oh Katy™ One-Size Pocket Diapers now have gentler leg gussets for chubby or sensitive thighs, less packaging, and 5 brand new colors!
Our Mission is to convince the skeptics and the naysayers that reusable diapers are easy, fashionable and fun. Try an Oh Katy™ diaper, love your Oh Katy™ diaper, buy more Oh Katy™ diapers, and find yourself cringing at the feel of disposables in no time!

If you haven’t heard of Oh Katy diapers… well, where have you been?  Maybe you heard of them under their former name, Katydid diapers.  As the above said… they’re the same diaper… only better!  Although, my review comes as a new Oh Katy customer.  I had always wanted to try a Katydid… intrigued by their unique “wrap ‘n snap” feature, but I didn’t get the chance before they went away.

Oh Katy Cloth Diaper

When Oh Katy came back, they started a new Facebook page, where they were giving away a diaper for every 100 new fans!  Guess what… I was one of the lucky winners (good for me and good for you!)  I chose the Cherry color because Sophia doesn’t have a bright red diaper.

I was not disappointed at all when it came in the mail… it’s so beautiful and b.r.i.g.h.t!  The Oh Katy diapers come with 2 microfiber inserts: Full Size Adjustable and a Newborn Insert (which can be added with the Full Size to act as a doubler as well!)

There is a great picture demonstration on their website of all the great features of this diaper.  I suggest you check it out as there is so much good info there!

Oh Katy Cloth Diaper

I have the diaper set on the Medium setting for Sophia and it really fits great.  It snaps down so small that I’m super excited to see how it will fit on a Newborn (although, hopefully it will be another year or two before I find out firsthand!).

Why I Love the Oh Katy diaper: I love the front opening of this diaper.  It is covered by a small flap, to prevent the insert from sticking out, but a nifty little trick is to fold open the flap when you put the diaper in your pail so that the insert will agitate itself out in the wash!  (You know how I love those self-un-stuffing(??) diapers!)  The fit is great a trim for a one-size and the newborn hip snaps are a unique feature.  I LOVE using the “wrap ‘n snap” for this diaper when we’re out… but it does take some practice to get it perfect!

Buy It:  You can buy an Oh Katy from a variety of retailers, starting at $17.95.

  1. New follower 8) Thank you for the give-away, I am just starting my cloth diapering adventures, so trying out different diapers to see what I like and what works for me 8)

    Lovin Life
  2. P.S. Not that it matters, but I clicked new follower on your form but it looks like I was already following you and just didn't remember. LOL.

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