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Rehab Your Pantry with These Nutritional Favorites from BabbleBoxx

Is your diet in need of an overhaul? I’m not only ready to get summer-ready, but nutrition ready and a great time to start is in March during National Nutrition Month! Today I’m sharing 5 great new brands and products to rehab your pantry for health inside and out!

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Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It’s a national celebration month that was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to highlight making better, healthier choices in our daily nutrition choices.

While we should always make these choices no matter the month, March is a great time to re-evaluate your pantry and freezer and make healthy swaps. 

I was recently sent my first BabbleBoxx full of fabulous, new-to-me products that are going to help me make better,  more informed nutritional choices for sure. 

While all of these products and brands are new to me, I’ve already found some new favorites that I’ll continue to stock in my freezer and pantry. Here’s a look at what was inside my BabbleBoxx.


My family is rice obsessed and we eat rice in at least 3 meals a week. That means we stock a lot of rice and VeeTee seems like a great option for quick meals. While it can be microwaved in just 2 minutes, it can alternatively be cooked on the stove as well.

I received Thai Jasmine and Wholegrain Brown Rice & Quinoa from VeeTee. We always buy Jasmine rice so it’s definitely a favorite, but lately I have been substituting quinoa to get even more nutrition benefits for my family, so they were both a hit. Unlike other brands, VeeTee doesn’t parboil it’s rice in pouches, which helps keep the rice keep it’s aroma, color, flavor, and texture.

The microwavable rice from VeeTee is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO verified. 


While I’m definitely no stranger to using coconut oil in the kitchen, I have not seen it packaged in such a great, environmentally friendly way as this pack from Nutiva. The genius packaging makes the solid at-room temperature coconut oil easier to dispense… just knead and squeeze.

I use organic coconut oil in a variety of ways, especially when I make stir frys and fried rice. It’s a great alternative to butter and other cooking oils with so many more health benefits and it’s also a great flavor enhancer! While I love the flavor of cooking with coconut oil, I know others don’t [including my kids].

This Steam Refined version from Nutiva is awesome for those people as it has no coconut flavor.

I’ve also had the opportunity to try out Nutiva’s Organic MCT Powder. While I’m not practicing a Keto diet myself, I have seen lots of great info about ingesting MCT because of their great health benefits. This powder is a first of it’s kind and I see it being a lot easier for my to consume.

Made from organic virgin coconut oil, it’s a blendable powder that mixes up smoothly in beverages. I’ve found it’s easy to add to my morning coffee.

Laird Superfood

Speaking of coffee… I think the folks at BabbleBoxx and Laird Superfood knew a little about my coffee addiction because I am now set with creamers. These Laird Superfood Creamers not only make your coffee taste great, but they’re also a great way to get more out of your favorite cup each morning.

In fact, that’s how it all started when the company was co-founded in 2015 by Laird Hamilton, one of the world’s most prolific big-wave surfers. Laird Superfood Creamers are environmentally sustainable and made with whole-food ingredients that you can feel good about. There’s no additives, fillers, or extracts. I’ve also been loving the convenience of the powder creamer as it’s super easy to travel with!

While I’ve been enjoying the Cacao flavor in my morning cup, I’m excited to see the amazing recipe possibilities with these creamers thanks to the Recipe section. Not only are they great in coffee, tea, and smoothies, they are also a great option for gluten free baking!

Wonder Drink

While coffee is definitely one of my favorite water alternatives, I’ve become completely obsessed with these tangy, bubbly drinks from Wonder Drink!

Wonder Drink is the first and only Kombucha brand with an organic prebiotic fiber. I’m all about prebiotics and probiotics and their health benefits on the digestive system and this fermented tea beverage tastes great and almost like a treat! They are vegan, certified organic, and always non-alcoholic.

With only 50 calories per can and 10 grams of sugar per serving, they’re a great alternative to sugary soda and offer amazing gut-health benefits to promote wellness and a daily boost of energy. Available in 3 different flavors, the Tropical Mango is one I just can’t get enough of!

Happy Healthy

Last but not least, this BabbleBoxx has me covered with even more nutritional choices when it comes to breakfast and even snacking healthy. 

With two  young girls in school, basketball, Girl Scouts, piano lessons, school choir… you get the idea… we’re BUSY. Mornings seem to be the busiest of times with making sure backpacks are filled and lunch boxes are packed and my nutrition flies right out the window. That’s going to end now with the ease and deliciousness of Happy Healthy!

I know you’ve seen those single serving smoothies where you just add your favorite type of milk to already frozen fruit and vegetables, right? Happy Healthy has those and more, in 5 amazing flavor varieties. Not only do they taste delicious and fresh, they are SO EASY! You seriously fill it to the top of the cup with your favorite milk base [I do almond milk], blend, and drink!

While I always have great intentions of making healthy smoothies, it’s hard to keep the ingredients on hand or prep them in the middle of a busy morning. These Happy Healthy frozen smoothie cups are definitely the answer. The fresh ingredients are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and they always use non-GMO products with no added flavors, color or preservatives.

As if the smoothies weren’t enough, they’ve also created amazing frozen Overnight Oats and the most amazing Acai Bowl I’ve ever seen. The overnight oats are great for heart health, but also great options for weight control as well. 

The healthy acai bowl is full of fresh, frozen berries, non-GMO oats, heart healthy antioxidants and just pure delishness. The Acai Bowl is definitely one of my favorites and will be in my regular shipments from now on!

That’s right, you can get these Happy Healthy frozen smoothies and overnight oats delivered to your door in a subscription style order. You’ll not only save tons of time from shopping and preparing the meals, but also have less food waste and a better price per meal vs. grocery shopping for all of the organic ingredients!

After this shipment, my freezer and pantry definitely got a much needed rehab for sure. I’m ready to take on National Nutrition Month in full force with these brands and healthy products.