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The Good Ice – Newair Nugget Ice Maker Review

Forget hitting up fast food restaurants to get the good ice, you can make nugget ice yourself with a countertop nugget ice maker! Check out this Newair nugget ice maker and why it’s a good addition to any house, office, or even recreational vehicle.

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If you like ice enough to be reading a blog post about an ice maker, I’m going to venture that you’ve seen “The Good Ice” meme. You know, the one that shows a glass of nugget ice with the caption “Some people see this and think… Oh, they’ve got the good ice!”

And now, my friends, my house has hit this status – the house with the good ice, thanks to our Newair Nugget Ice Maker!

The countertop ice maker has only been in my house for a couple of weeks now, but it has quickly become my favorite kitchen appliance.

First, let me tell you why I needed this nugget ice maker. We did a kitchen renovation a couple of years ago and during that renovation we purchased a new refrigerator. It had everything I wanted – pull-out freezer, snack drawer, water and ice in the drawer. It had good reviews.

It arrived and looked beautiful in our newly painted kitchen. Then, I started seeing people talk about the brand [a very well known brand] and how their refrigerators shouldn’t be on your list to buy. What?! Why? It’s so pretty and it’s working so well!

Fast forward to a couple years later – now, and we have a refrigerator with a basically useless ice maker. It freezes up every other day. We even tried turning it off, buying ice and filling it ourselves and it still froze up! But I’m not ready to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new refrigerator – so what do we do?

Well, you can already figure out what we did – we got a countertop nugget ice maker, that’s what! I might just admit that I’m secretly glad this happened to our otherwise good refrigerator because this Newair nugget ice maker is amazing!

We added a Newair Mini Fridge to our coffee bar setup a couple of years ago, so they were the first brand I thought of when I started considering a countertop ice maker. If you’re also considering purchasing a nugget ice maker for your countertop, I encourage you to do some research and read reviews. You’ll see that Newair’s model has lots of 5 star reviews and let me share with you why:

The Newair Nugget Ice Maker is sleek, with it’s stainless steel and black accents. Kitchen appliances can take up a lot of room, but this countertop ice machine takes up surprisingly less room than I thought it would. The space-saving design makes it a great choice for kitchen counters, but also offices, boats, and even your patio.

But don’t let that smaller design fool you – this ice maker can make a lot of nugget ice! In fact, it can make up to 30 pounds a day!

And there’s actually a couple of ways to make ice. We’re using it as a free-standing machine and filling the bottom basin with filtered water. With a family of 6, we’re finding that we only need to add water every 2-3 days. Newair also included the option to attach a water supply to this machine directly.

I know what you really want to know…

How long does it take Newair ice maker to make ice?

I was astonished that the Newair nugget ice maker was making ice in just 10 minutes from the moment I plugged it in and added water. 10 minutes! It takes about 60 minutes for the ice basket to be totally full of ice and this countertop ice maker can make as much as 30 pounds of ice a day!

While we haven’t needed that much ice yet, it’s nice to know it can. Plus, the ice basket is so easy to pull out, that you could easily store in your freezer while making more ice. This would be especially great during parties or summer barbecues.

One thing I didn’t think about was cleaning an ice maker. Newair has me covered there, too. While the machine is slim, it is on the heavier side and there’s no way I could clean it out and dump the water… that’s why the Newair ice maker has a drain – genius. Plus, it has a self-cleaning function that makes certain your ice always has a clean and pure taste.

Why do you need a countertop ice maker?

  • Drink more water.
  • Makes drinks taste better – it really does!
  • No need to replace a refrigerator just because ice maker is broken.
  • Unlimited supply of ice!

I prefer cold water – even in cold weather. If my water is cold, I’ll drink a lot more and I’ve already noticed that my water consumption is back up. My girls prefer colder water too – and always fill up their water bottles for school with more ice than water!

Strawberry Lemon Sparkling Water with Nugget Ice

I have recently become obsessed with making my own flavored sparkling water, with real fruit, and it tastes so much fresher and crisper with the nugget ice cubes!

The nugget ice maker is also going to save us a lot of money – from buying bagged ice, but also from not having to replace our refrigerator just yet. And I won’t have to defrost the ice maker with my hair dryer anymore – win!

You can save 10% by shopping the Newair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker through my link!

If you are in the market for a countertop nugget ice maker, I highly recommend this model from Newair. It retails for $499.99, which is right on price point with other nugget ice makers on the market, but I feel like the sleek look and amount of ice that it can produce, puts it ahead of the others.

You’ll find that this is ice maker is a part of the NewAir Anniversary Series, limited edition! You can find it on their website, listed as Newair Product NIM030SS00.