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Why the NewAir Mini Fridge is Essential for Your Coffee Bar

Have a coffee bar set up in your home? Don’t miss the best addition – a mini refrigerator! Here’s why adding the NewAir Mini Fridge to my coffee bar was the best decision ever!

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Our home is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year! It was built in 1920 and for that reason, has a lot of charm and, maybe even odd, features. It definitely doesn’t feature the open layout of most of today’s newly built homes, but honestly, that’s one reason we love it so much – because of that character.

One of the areas that was hardest for me to style when we moved in 5 years ago was the upstairs hallway. Once you see the area, you’ll understand why. It’s a large space in between the four upstairs rooms that is actually large enough to be a room on its own.

When we bought the house, the previous owners had it set up as a small den area with a tv and couch. That didn’t suit our needs, so it kept me perplexed on just what to do with it.

After about a year, hubby decided to turn the end of the hallway into a nook with a bench seat by the window. He constructed built-ins around the window and I just loved the way it looked!

So much so, that I decided to add a couple of sitting chairs in the middle of the hallway to form a quiet, reading type area.

But what good is a reading, quiet nook without a hot cup of coffee or tea?! That’s when I got the idea to add a coffee bar upstairs. Rob, who turns out is quite the handy man, built me a skinny tall table to house the coffee machine and canisters and I just loved the layout and how it turned out.

Then, I realized that, sure having a coffee bar upstairs was great, but having plain black coffee with packaged creamer wasn’t that great. That’s where NewAir came in. When I saw their mini refrigerators, I realized that was exactly what my coffee bar was missing!

So when I received a mini fridge in exchange for this review, I knew I had to share why you need a NewAir Mini Fridge in your house [and coffee bar] too!

NewAir Mini Fridge

When I say mini fridge, does it conjure up images of a tiny white or black, clunky square fridge sitting in the middle of a dorm room for you? It did for me when hubby and I tossed the idea around of putting one upstairs a year or so ago. I just didn’t want to add an unsightly box to the styled area.

Well, that’s not what you’ll find when you see NewAir refrigerators. Check out my gorgeous stainless steel and see-through mini fridge! I love that I can see the contents right through the door and that stainless steel matches my coffee maker perfectly!

In addition to the stylish exterior, the interior of the NewAir 126 Can Beverage Fridge, this little appliance isn’t quite so little. Can you believe it will actually hold 126 cans?! I haven’t tested that out myself, but I do love that the shelves are adjustable so I can keep different size items inside.

Inside the unit, there is also a push button light that you can leave on or off and a thermostat with 7 custom settings to keep your contents as cold as you prefer. I also love that it runs really quiet, which is super important since it’s right outside our bedroooms!

I admit, we don’t just use the NewAir Beverage Fridge just for the coffee bar, but it definitely is my favorite accessory for coffee!

Ready to add a stylish mini fridge to your house or bring your coffee bar game up to the next level? You can shop NewAir for a variety of mini fridges + save 10% on your order by shopping through my link!