New Mommy: PumpEase

As I’ve said before, I prepared myself to be more successful with breastfeeding Moreaya than I think I was with Sophia.  But, I should say, success is measured by the person who is breastfeeding, right?  I’m not here to judge anyone.  Whether you exclusively breastfeed, exclusively pump, exclusively formula feed, or a combination of both… you’re doing what you should/want to do for you and your child!  I wanted to successfully exclusively breastfeed Moreaya for as long as possible and I feel like I did succeed.

One thing that hurt me with Sophia and I’s nursing relationship is I turned to my breast pump the day I got home from the hospital.  I wanted to see if it hurt less and it did, in a way.  But pumping is a lot of work and if you’ve ever done it, you’re rolling your eyes at that understatement, I’m sure.  How are you supposed to find the time to pump while you have a baby that wants to be held, work to be done, and a toddler running around doing who knows what?

Well, there’s a fabulous product that will help with a few of those!  PumpEase!  Here’s how it works:

Wrap PumpEase around your bust and fasten in the front over your nursing bra, nursing top (lower panels first) or over nothing at all. Insert the breast pump flanges into the openings, centering over your nipples and then start pumping. You will enjoy having both hands free to read, write, text, talk on the phone, surf, bank online or tend to your baby – ALL while pumping!

I was sent a PumpEase Organic and was amazed at how comfortable it was and just how easy it was.  It’s so easy that you can literally do anything while wearing your PumpEase.  It’s dramatically improved mine and Moreaya’s happiness that I can just hold her while I’m pumping, and also helped me finish a few of these blog posts late at night!

I was also sent a handy magnet for my refrigerator, with Breastmilk Storage Guidelines, as well as a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger for privacy.

I would definitely recommend a PumpEase for any Mom who was planning to pump breast milk at all!

Buy It:  You can purchase an Organic PumpEase, just like the one I reviewed, on their website and at a variety of other retailers, for $42.00.

  1. If we have a second one I am TOTALLY getting one of these. The little time I breastfed I was exclusivley pumping and I hated holding those damn bottles!!!
  2. I already have one, so I'm not entering, but I just have to say I absolutely LOVE mine! When I first heard about them I thought, "that's silly... why would I need something like that?" And then DD 2 came around and I was pumping after my morning nursing sessions and sitting there with cramped hands again from holding the bottles and it all came back to me how much I hated pumping with DD 1. So I got one on a zulily sale towards the end of my maternity leave and it made my life that much easier. And then I went back to work. And got a smart phone and having a Pump Ease while pumping at the office was fantastic because I could pass the time checking emails, or twittering my facebook. ;) And then I was laid off a few weeks ago and have been trying to get my freelancing business off the ground so now, it's even more invaluable than ever since I don't have to stop work. I just have my pump hooked up next to my desk and I set everything up and go back to work. I can even pump longer than I did at the office where I had to watch the clock. I just can't say enough good things about my Pump Ease! :D Good luck to the winner!

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