New Baby: Two Sweet Potatoes

When you find a good product, you stick with it, right?  That’s what I’ve done with today’s featured New Baby product… Organic Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes from Two Sweet Potatoes.  I reviewed these wipes awhile back and had nothing but the highest praises for them.  Nikki is the lovely lady behind Two Sweet Potatoes and her sweet creations {which include much more than her wipes}.

She let me know that she had recently changed the type of fabric she was using, just slightly.  The reason?  Her old supplier couldn’t keep up with her demands!  Seems like I’m not the only one who has discovered these fabulous wipes!  She offered to send me a pack of wipes for Miss Moreaya!  As a New Baby, I only want to use the softest of items on her little bum and these wipes are just that!  Even the ones that I have from back in April are still as soft as can be!  I really didn’t notice any difference in the material and am just as happy with these wipes as I was with the first.

Other than the softness, seriously just trust me, they’re soft… is the size!  Most cloth wipes that you see available for sale are larger and you fold them to get them to fit in your wipe box.  Although, I’ll admit a larger wipe is nice for a big, messy clean-up, these are the first wipes I reach for because they’re so easy to grab and use.  They don’t require a ton of water {I squirt water on the wipes dry as I need them} and they clean so nicely!

Nikki hand finishes each of these wipes and the color around the edges is adorable and makes them a bit more fun!  I highly, highly recommend you having these wipes in your stash, but beware… you’re going to want more than the 8 pack!


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