New Baby Grand Prize Giveaway: Mobi Video Baby Monitor

I hope you’re excited because this is another Grand Prize Day!  Today’s New Baby product is one of my favorites {wait, have I said that everyday!?}.

When I was pregnant with Sophia, Rob and I couldn’t decide on a Baby Monitor.  We knew we needed one, as we planned on her sleeping in her crib {although we did end up co-sleeping for awhile} and we would need to be able to hear her.  We drooled over some of the video monitors in stores, but just couldn’t stomach the price tag.  I just thought, “Why do you really need to see them, won’t you just be able to hear them if they wake up?”

Little did I know of a new mother’s constant worry… I was worried if she made noise, but I was even more worried if she didn’t!  But I was always afraid to walk in there, thinking I might wake her up if she was sleeping well.  It was a constant internal struggle, which now seems silly, but at the time was a concern.  Well, it doesn’t seem too silly anymore, because I’m sure I’ll be struggling with these same feelings soon, but this time around, I’ll have a bit more peace of mind, thanks to my MobiCam Digital DL Video Baby Monitor!

When I saw the video monitors in the store, I always wondered really how clear they were, exactly what features would be beneficial for our family, and just how they worked at night.  Let me share with you some of the best features of the MobiCam Digital DL:

  • The screen!  It’s a 2.4″ Color High Resolution LCD Display.  It’s really a nice size, very clear, and you can really see movements well on it!
  • Voice Activated Picture – What’s this?  Well, a great feature because you don’t want your screen on all night when baby is sleeping, right?  So you can use this setting so that the screen will come on when noise is detected in the room.
  • Obviously the Monitor picks up Audio as well.
  • Night Vision!  It says it works up to 20 ft and it is such a nice feature since most of the time you’re baby is in the bed is at night.
  • Camera and Monitor operate on AC adapters or can run on AA Batteries as well.  If you want a green-er option, you can purchase a Re-chargable Battery Pack for the Receiver Unit.

Moreaya is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room, but I put her in her crib for naps sometimes and just to enjoy her mobile and music… so I’ve been using the MobiCam during these times.  I am super happy with how it works and really think a Video Monitor is a must for new parents, no matter if it’s their first child or fourth!

The system comes with 1 Camera and 1 Receiver, but more Cameras can be purchased and will work with the 1 Receiver, which is nice for parents with more than one child!  This Camera also has a USB connection, which means you can use it as a wireless webcam… pretty cool feature, don’t you think?!

Mobi wanted to make sure I shared with you the safety of Video Monitors as well!  When you’re installing your camera, make sure wires and the camera are out of reach from children.  Rob mounted ours on the wall beside her crib.  Once she is able to stand up, we’ll have to be more creative in it’s placement, but that’ll be awhile!

Buy It:  You can purchase a MobiCam Digital DL on the Mobi Technologies website for $149.95.

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  2. I am interested in donating one of my organic alpca or merino wool custom newborn hats for that 1st photography picture. Would you be interested? Thank you and I love your blog. Christi Bjornberg @Christi's Crocheted Creations
  3. I tweeted about the giveaway and followed you by email as well, but for some reason I couldn't get the form to let me type in the information. Here it is:
    1. Thanks for letting me know, Jessica. I have let Rafflecopter know this is a re-occurring problem and they are looking into fixing it!

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