New Baby Grand Prize Giveaway: Abby’s Lane

All in One Cloth DiapersI hope you’re ready… good things come to those who wait and if you’ve been waiting on this last Grand Prize Giveaway, well, it’s here!  But wait… before you get to find out what you can win, check out what I reviewed from Abby’s Lane.

First, let me say this.  I love Abby’s Lane.  I discovered this store when I first started our cloth diapering experience and I’ve continued to go back to them again and again and let me tell you why.  They have fabulous sales {a discount code available ALL the time for their Newsletter subscribers}, fantastic giveaways {happening pretty much daily}, and Free Shipping on ALL U.S. purchases.  Yes, ALL purchases, no minimum.  Oh, their Customers Rewards system is quite lovely as well – we won’t get into how many points I’ve redeemed over the past year and a half!

I was sent a Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots.  I chose this One-Size diaper because I was just sure it would fit my Moreaya as a newborn, since it’s said to fit children from 8-35 lbs.  But, it didn’t.  Moreaya was lighter than that and she’s also very, very skinny so I just can’t get a good fit on her.  I definitely think that in just a couple more weeks, though, the diaper will fit just fine.  {Bummis does make a Tiny Fit diaper, which is just a miniature version of this one-size diaper, that is said to fit from 5-12 lbs!}

Bummis EasyFit Purple

So, my model for this Grape beauty is Miss Sophia!  First, the three latest colors that this diaper comes in are gorgeous:  Grape {seen here}, Green Apple, and Chocolate.  The other colors and prints are as well!

The Easy Fit only comes in Aplix closures, but even if you’re not an Aplix lover, I think you’ll like this diaper.  It seems to hold up really, really well and I have no issues with laundry at all.  Speaking of laundry, this diaper is an AIO but it’s quite unique in that the long insert is attached, but still needs to be stuffed into the diaper – this helps with drying time, but it doesn’t need to be un-stuffed… your washer will do the work for you!

This is my “go-to” diaper bag diaper, Grandma/Dad diaper because of the ease of use with the velcro and the wide pocket.  I am able to stuff a hemp insert {and sometimes I even stuff 2} in addition to the sewn-in soaker for max absorbency!

So, have I convinced you that you need a Bummis Easy Fit yet?

  1. I love Abby's Lane! The store has everything and I love that I'm close enough to be able to visit the shop in person. The ladies that work there are so helpful and wonderful! I really want to try some of the babywearing options and hopefully I can make it out for a demonstration soon.
  2. I blogged about this giveaway, but for some reason I couldn't put a link to my blog in the box.
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