New Baby: Boba Wrap

Moreaya likes to be held.  Newborns like to be held.  I absolutely cannot stand the fact that some people say “You better not hold them all the time, they’ll get spoiled!”.  It irks me so bad and I just can’t keep my opinions to myself when someone says something so ignorant.

Now, with that being said, I realize that I only have 2 hands so holding her all of the time makes doing anything else around the house a bit more difficult.  Add in another toddler running wild and it’s just not possible for me to be able to hold Moreaya as much as either of us want… until now!

Boba Wrap

I was so excited to try out a Boba Wrap {formerly known as the Sleepy Wrap}, as we are already a Boba-loving Family!  I had tried another wrap with Sophia, although I didn’t try it until she was quite older and she was not having it and neither was I {it was so difficult for me to figure out how to tie/wrap!}.  Moreaya is a tiny girl, so we’ve been practicing the Newborn Hold and we both love it.  She is snuggled up against me and I have hands free to get a few things done around the house and am able to play, dress, and help Sophia do just about anything she needs.

I only wish I had the Boba Wrap when Sophia was an infant!

There are so many reasons to wear your baby and if you’re not aware of them, please check them out!  I’m also looking forward to learning how to nurse Moreaya while she’s in the Boba Wrap, but I want to get a little more comfortable with breastfeeding and our latch before I attempt it though.  I love the fact that this wrap can be used at birth up until your baby is about 35 lbs!

Although I realize that my baby is only a mere 7 lbs right now, there is no strain on my back at all, which is really important when I think about just how much I plan on wearing her!  I have a feeling this wrap will be a lifesaver for Grocery Shopping trips in the future!

Buy It:  You can purchase a Boba Wrap on their website, and at a variety of local and online retailers, for $48.00.  The Boba Wrap comes in a variety of colors, as well as Organic fabric options!

*This Rafflecopter form is being run by Boba.  They will be responsible for choosing and verifying a Winner and Entries.

  1. I LOVE the purple, but since I'm pregnant with #3 and we don't know what it is, I'd probably be practical and pick gray :)
  2. I'm going to say orange. My husband has been trying to convince me to get more gender neutral baby stuff, so he can use it, too, without feeling silly. He's commented several times how much he likes orange baby stuff, it is. :)
  3. I have a sleepy wrap organic bear that my son loves. we have on occasion used the wrap on him to carry around the baby bear. Really cute. I love the black and grey
  4. What an awesome company Boba is and they make such a GREAT product. Thanks for sharing your review, it would be awesome to win-- love the grey, light blue and the green.
  5. I just checked out the colors. I really thought there would only be a few, but WOW what a variety. My fav though has got to be the Green. It is so vibrant! Love it.

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