Never Be Powerless Again with Duracell Powermat Universal Batteries

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Where would we be without cell phones, tablets, technology?  I swear to you even if I’m just running a few miles to the store, I feel like my phone must be in the car with me.  “What if I run out of gas?” “What if Rob needs me to pick up something extra at the market?” “What if I see something amazing in the store that I need to instagram!?!?”  Ok, ok – I’m taking it a bit far, but it’s no secret that our society is definitely dependent on our phones and tablets.

But what happens when our battery level is less than 10%!?

Duracell Universal BatteriesThe new Duracell Powermat Universal Batteries are making it even easier to depend on our phones and tablets!

This duo set of Duracell Powermat Universal Battery Chargers will be sold in an exclusive bundle at Sam’s Clubs nationwide starting Tuesday, for the fabulous price of $129 [a $60 savings!], but I get the chance to show you the chargers here first!

There are 2 types of chargers in this bundle – the Longhaul Charger and the Day Trip.

Size Comparison Duracell Powermat The GoPower Longhaul Charger is about the same size as my iPhone 4S and double it’s thickness.  It has the ability to charge 2 devices at once through 2 USB outlets.  You can also choose to divide the charging equally or put precedence towards one [say you needed your phone charged before your second device – that’s possible].

The Day Trip is a much smaller charger which is meant to be able to be carried with you daily.  It holds enough power to give you 1 extra phone charge.  Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with my iPhone 4S [to see all compatible devices, click here for Specs], so I won’t be able to use it just yet.

Day Trip Collage The Longhaul Charger has already been a lifesaver for us in a couple of instances. I keep it charged, when it’s not in use, and just stick it in our bag when we head out for the day.  I love knowing that I have a portable battery with that much power!

Longhaul ChargerDid you catch that bit on the picture above?  Both GoPower Chargers have wireless charging capabilities!  If you have a Duracell Powermat, you can simply lay the chargers right on it to get a wireless charge – no worries about keeping up with cords, etc.  I don’t have one… yet.  But it’s definitely on my Wish List after using these chargers!

Longhaul CollageThe Powermat isn’t a necessity, though.  Each charger comes with a USB input to you can charge it right within your normal phone/tablet’s wall outlet – or your computer.

The Portable Charger Set is the indispensable modern day emergency kit that ensures you’re never caught powerless at the wrong moment. It’s the perfect gift for busy moms and dads, business travelers, recent grads or any avid mobile user.

DPM_Portable Charger SetBeginning April 15, Duracell will offer The Portable Charger Set in 600 Sam’s Club locations nationally!  With two dedicated backup batteries… this is the perfect ‘power set’ for anyone living today’s digital mobile lifestyle!   Priced at $129.99 for the set, you get a $60 savings right off the bat.

In addition for an investment for yourself, I think this set is a fabulous idea for the upcoming Holidays… Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and especially for soon-to-be Graduates!

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