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6 Ideas for Natural Menstrual Cramps Relief

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If you’re a woman who is plagued with menstrual cramps, I feel for you. I was there once, but thankfully found natural menstrual cramps relief with these ideas that are truly life changing and you can too!

I have been plagued with bad menstrual cramps my entire life. I remember as a young girl in high school missing school because my stomach hurt so bad. The cramps I experienced were intense and relentless the first few days of my period.

As I got older, my cramps were just as intense. I started looking for alternative ways to deal with them since I didn’t want to take so many over-the-counter pain medicines. That’s ultimately what lead me to switching to a menstrual cup! I read so many ladies testimonies that they no longer had cramps with cups AND, of course, the added benefit of the eco-friendliness of switching from tampons and pads.

Menstrual cups aren’t the only way to deal with menstrual cramps, but they are truly a life-changing product. Here are few other ways.

Diet Changes

Did you know that avoiding certain foods around your period can actually help alleviate some cramping? Try it! Avoid sugar and eat more leafy greens during this time of the month. Water retention is known to contribute to menstrual pain, so eating foods that are high in Magnesium, which is a key nutrient for preventing water retention, like leafy greens and bananas, are a great way to put off cramps too.

Drink More Water

Speaking of water retention, another way to combat is to drink more water.

Cup of Tea

Drinking more liquids during your menstruation is key, but warm liquids may help even more! It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a cup of warm tea and added benefits like ginger, which can calm an upset stomach, but remember to avoid sugary drinks.

Light Exercise

I vividly remember the days in high school when I would be having cramps and I wouldn’t feel like doing anything – especially running in gym. Our coach didn’t let that slide, though, as he would always say “Exercise will help you feel better.” Of course, as a teenager, I thought he was wrong and just mean. Turns out, he was right! The increased blood flow and the endorphins help counteract the prostaglandins and reduce cramping. I always try to do light exercise during my period – light walks or yoga are perfect.

Essential Oils

Diffuse Lavender Oil Natures Truth

While essential oils won’t cure cramps, they can definitely help alleviate them in different ways. My diffuser is always on and during my period, some of my favorite oils to diffuse are: Chamomile, Lavender,

Mixing these same essential oils with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil, make a great massage oil also!

DIY Heating Pad

Warmth is definitely your best friend when it comes to finding relief from menstrual cramps and I love relaxing with a heating pad. I actually made my own in just a matter of minutes with a couple of small bags of rice from the grocery store and a few drops of Chamomile essential oil.

Switch to a DivaCup

Switching to a menstrual cup was the most life-changing way for me to deal with menstrual cramps. While I do still experience a bit of discomfort some months with menstrual cramps, they are nowhere near the intensity they once were when I wore tampons.

Less intense cramps is just one of the many reasons I encourage other women to try DivaCup. While we’ve all learned to live with our monthly periods and the tampons and pads that come along with them, your mindset doesn’t have to be that way! I no longer dread my period like I used to before I switched to a menstrual cup almost 5 years ago!

Menstrual cups like the DivaCup are easier than ever to use too. You can find them at local stores, like I found this one at Rite Aid in the menstruation products aisle. Check this store locator to find a DivaCup retailer near you.

Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930s but have began to be reintroduced to women as we look for ways to be more eco-friendly, more health-conscious, and save money at the same. A DivaCup can save over $100 a year and is free of chemicals, plastic, BPA, latex and dyes, making it a healthier choice for women. Instead of absorbing your menstrual flow, it collects and is easily emptied with 12 hour leak-free protection!

DivaCup comes in two sizes – one being for women under the age of 30 who have never given birth [either vaginally or by c-section] and Size 2 for women over the age of 30 who have given birth. Be sure to read the DivaCup User Guide before trying a cup to get all your questions answered and consult with their healthcare provider if they have any questions with regards to their vaginal or gynecological health.

There’s a reason that 91% of women who try DivaCup never go back to traditional menstrual products. It’s because it’s a truly life-changing product that will have numerous positive effects, including less intense menstrual cramps [hopefully] like it has been for me!

I want you to have more Period Confidence too!
Learn even more about the DivaCup here.