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My Tot Clock – The Toddler Clock Every Child Needs

Does your toddler have trouble sleeping? Wake too early? Help them learn when it’s ok to wake with the My Tot Clock. It’s the toddler clock that not only tells them when it’s time to wake, but also when it’s time to sleep too!

My Tot Clock - the toddler clock that teaches your child when to wake up

When Sophia started having sleeping troubles recently, I turned to Google. I google-d anything I could think of to try to get her to sleep longer. I saw a lot of suggestions, but none seemed to really fit our circumstance. Then I remembered one of my friends telling me about a toddler clock she came across on Amazon. See, Sophia was actually sleeping fine, but when she woke up in the mornings at regular time, around 6:15 – 6:30, it would be dark. I’m ok with having an early bird, I’m one myself, so those times were perfectly fine. But gradually the time began to get earlier and earlier… 5:30, 5:00, and even 4:45… well, that just wasn’t working for either of us.

The problem, though – how was she supposed to know? It was dark at 6:30, just like it was dark at 5:00 and at 2 years old, she wasn’t quite ready to tell time. The only way she knew was when I told her, “It wasn’t time to get up yet.” Well, that works, of course, but that also means she still has to wake me up to ask me if it’s time to get up, hence less sleep for me and her.

My Tot ClockMy Tot ClockMirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-LightMirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-LightAwakelion Soft LED Color Changing Night LightAwakelion Soft LED Color Changing Night LightSunrise Alarm Clock with FM Radio & SnoozeSunrise Alarm Clock with FM Radio & Snooze

So I searched Amazon myself and bought the Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock [seen above] because it was cute and seemed to do what we needed. It was also less expensive than other options. I now know why – it just didn’t do exactly what we wanted. So we went back to the drawing board…

I researched a bit more deeply this time and looked at features of each of the toddler sleep clocks on the market and was blown away by the difference in the My Tot Clock. It honestly far surpasses other models, just by description only, and after experiencing a couple of different kids alarm clocks, I’m confident to say it’s by far the best option.

My Tot Clock information

The My Tot Clock is more than just a toddler sleep clock, but I’ll get to that in a minute – because the sleeping part is exactly why I wanted it in the first place. Since it uses an AV plug [with a battery back-up in case of power outages], the clock glows yellow all day, which signifies to the child “Time to be awake” using yellow like the sun.

When your child should be sleeping, My Tot Clock has 2 “sleep” settings, both which are blue. First you have Bed Time, which was the main setting I wanted in a toddler sleep clock. It glows a darker blue and can be activated by holding down the dark blue button or by setting a bed time setting. The clock stays dark blue until the yellow button has been held to activate wake or until the wake time has been reached. For instance, we set our bed time to begin at 7:00 pm and our wake time at 6:30 am. This means that if Sophia wakes in the middle of the night and her clock is still blue, she knows it’s not time to wake up yet.

There’s also a Nap Time setting on the My Tot Clock! It works the same way, although you set it for a duration [customizable by you – we use 90 minutes] and the My Tot Clock glows a lighter blue once you hold down the light blue Nap Time button. Once that duration time is over, the clock will then turn to yellow, letting your child know that nap time is over!

My Tot ClockMy Tot Clock

There are some really cool features with the My Tot Clock that you just don’t see on any other kids alarm clock, such as setting it to play music at Wake Up Time! If you have a child that’s difficult to wake up or that needs to have an alarm to wake, this is a great feature. The clock plays a fun, upbeat tune to get their day started.

There are also cartridges available for the My Tot Clock that tell stories and play a lullaby. While we always read a bedtime story before bed, you’ll be surprised at how much your child will love this feature. I think Sophia just loved the routine of hearing the same story every night. Although you can definitely change them out as My Tot Clock has lots of options.

Toddler sleeping in bed with toddler alarm clock

The front of the clock shows an analog time and is used to teach your child how to start telling time. The back of the clock contains all the “parent info”, including a digital clock, all of the timers to set, and whether you want to have the Wake Up Music and/or Bed Time Story/Music play.

In addition to all of that, there are also two other settings – a Red Light that can be used for Time Out purposes. You can set the clock for the duration of Time Outs and when the clock goes back to yellow, the child will know time out is over. There is also a Green Light that can be used as a timer for Good Activities – maybe how long to brush your teeth, how long to sit and “try” on the Potty, a sharing timer [you get to play with the toy for 5 minutes, then Sister gets it for 5] etc. We don’t use these 2 features very often, but I do love that they’re available right on the toddler sleep clock.

A couple other features worth mentioning are the removable face plates. Although it’s definitely not a necessity, there is an option to change the design of the clock to something your child enjoys [ballerina, dinosaur, etc]. Also it’s important to note that none of the features are required to use. It can simply be a toddler clock or a kids alarm clock as your kids get older. It can even perform the function of a night light and does have 5 different light settings to be as bright or as dim as you’d like.

My Tot ClockMy Tot ClockCinderella + The Littlest Mermaid Story CartridgeCinderella + The Littlest Mermaid Story CartridgeTot Clock Faceplate: Ballerina DesignTot Clock Faceplate: Ballerina DesignTeddy’s Day In The Forest + The Magic Train StoriesTeddy’s Day In The Forest + The Magic Train Stories

At the risk of sounding silly or even dramatic, I have to say that our My Tot Clock has literally changed our lives for the couple of weeks that we’ve been using it. Seriously. Sophia used to get so upset with me when I would tell her it wasn’t time to wake up. She’s a girl that loves control, so now she can tell herself, whether it’s time to wake up or not… and I’m getting more sleep! Win Win! It is definitely one of my best tips for how to get good sleep for both parents and kids.

While you may be desperate for more sleep for yourself and your toddler, the price tag of the My Tot Clock can at first definitely cause some sticker shock. At over $50 on Amazon, you may think there’s no way a toddler clock could be worth it. Let me tell you, it totally is and you’ll be SO happy you did once you’ve had the My Tot Clock even for just a couple of weeks. My Tot Clocks do come with a Money Back Guarantee [but I guarantee you won’t be wanting to return it!].

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Saturday 24th of November 2012

[...] Right now, we're using the My Tot Clock as an aid in Sleep Training, but it can be used for so many other things – learning to tell time, alarm clock, timer, and more.  Read all about it in my review of the My Tot Clock. [...]

Kris Buege

Wednesday 14th of November 2012

This looks fabulous! Does the clock have a setting for brightness? I like to keep things as dim as possible at night.


Wednesday 14th of November 2012

Yes! There are 5 settings for dimness for the night & nap time "blue" light - as well as volume settings for the songs and stories!


Monday 12th of November 2012

This is adorable!

Nicole (Mama to 4 Blessings)

Saturday 10th of November 2012

what a great invention! I should look into that for my little ones!

rebecca williams

Saturday 10th of November 2012

My friend has one and swears by it, she says its a must have! She loves that her kids have a set time to get up and back to bed, they can know themselves.