My Nighttime Routine that Keeps Me from Having Trouble Sleeping

Today’s post is sponsored by Natrol, but my opinions and love for their melatonin and the fact that I no longer have trouble sleeping is all my own.

Oh, back to school time how do I love thee?! It’s true, I was absolutely counting down the days before the girls went back to school. It’s not at all that I don’t like spending my days with them, as I miss them terribly when they’re at school. But they’re like me.. they need routine, structure, and a job to do and for us, school provides that.

Nighttime Routine BTS

But school also provides long days, short afternoons, and lots of tasks and things to remember. That can definitely bring on trouble sleeping and some stress for Moms and sleepless nights. I am definitely guilty of laying in bed thinking about the long To-Do List that’s full of things for the next day and not turning off my brain to get healthy rest.

That’s one reason that I make myself follow a nighttime routine, not just at back to school time, but all of the time. I try, yes I said try I’m not going to tell you I’m successful every single night, but I try to put my phone away at least 30 minutes before I’m ready to lay down. It helps my mind relax. I also try to read every single night. Once I became a Mom, one of my favorite hobbies took a back seat because I always had so much to do. Taking up my favorite hobby of reading again has dramatically increased my ability to relax at night.

Natrol Melatonin

Before I became a Mom, I had no trouble falling asleep. I suppose I didn’t have that much to worry about in those carefree days. Now it’s a lot different and part of my nighttime routine also includes taking Melatonin. I choose Melatonin over other chemical sleep aids because it’s drug-free and non-habit forming. I’m also in love with the fact that I don’t have to take a pill. I adore the Natrol Fast Dissolve Tablets because I can keep them in my bedroom so they’re ready to go with my healthy nighttime routine.

Fast Dissolve Melatonin

In addition for helping those who have trouble sleeping, there are key benefits of taking melatonin nightly:

  • 100% drug-free and non-habit forming
  • Supports an overall better sleep
  • Helps regulate healthy sleeping patterns
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep
  • Wake up refreshed in the mornings – no more ‘sleep hangovers’
  • 100% vegetarian

I also diffuse essential oils, especially Lavender at bed time. Sometimes I even put a couple of drops on my pillowcase… it’s a secret weapon of mine for getting the girls to drift off to sleep after a busy day too.

Nighttime Routine

If you’re having trouble sleeping, especially with a time as busy as Back to School season, I encourage you to develop a healthy nighttime routine to get your body into a regular sleeping pattern.

If you’d like to try adding Natrol Melatonin in your nighttime routine, be sure to download this $2 off coupon!

School Mornings Easier

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  1. Thankfully (knock on wood) I seem to have no sleep troubles!! I blame my allergy meds lol ;) But I have heard of many of these tricks to help with sleep!!

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