MFC Sponsor Spotlight: Softbums

cdai2categoryLet’s hear it for FLUFFY FRIDAY!  Today I’m giving you a fluffy two-fer… we’re talking cloth diapers AND I’m sharing with you our next great Sponsor in the Merry Fluffy Christmas Prize PackageSoftbums is one of my absolute favorite cloth diaper brands, hands down.  If you’ve tried them, I’m about certain you would agree.  I’ve rarely read any type of negative reviews on the brand, unless it’s to do with the fact that they only offer Aplix diapers… until NOW!  In case you weren’t aware, Softbums now comes in Snaps, but I’ve yet to try one {but soon, very soon, I hope!}.

Softbums is a versatile diaper, mainly centering around the All-in-Two concept.  They have 2 shell/cover options… the Echo and the Omni.  For this review, I received an Echo Shell in their limited edition print of Sugar ‘N Spice Giraffes!  This cute print is perfect for more 2 girls as it’s super cute and just a hint of girly with the pink/purplish and green giraffes!


The Echo shell can only be used as an AI2, as the Softbums inserts can either snap into the shell or just laid in, depending on how wiggly your baby is.  I’ve found that unless the cover just gets drenched, I can re-use it for at least 3 diaper changes, which is my favorite thing ever about this diaper, especially when we’re out and about!  Inserts take up so much less room in the diaper bag than full pocket diapers!

Although I didn’t review an Omni for MFC, I do have 1 in our stash and it’s basically the same as the Echo except that it can be used as a Pocket Diaper as well, just adding to the versatility of Softbums.  The company offers a few different types of inserts:  Dry Touch Pods, Super Dry Touch Pods, Organic Bamboo Pods, and Organic Bamboo Mini Pods.  I definitely recommend the Dry Touch or Mini Pods for smaller babies and the larger pods for when your child is a bit larger, as the larger pods would be super bulky and not really necessary for a small baby.

Softbums is not only one of my favorite diapers because of the versatility and re-usability of the Cover {as an AI2 system}, but because of the way the One Size diaper fits!  It’s the only diaper that I’ve seen that can literally go down to fit a teensy, tiny newborn.  The Slide 2 Size system is truly one of the best and most trim ways to size a OS diaper!  Seriously, if you haven’t tried one yet… what are you waiting for!?

As I said, Softbums has recently came out with a snap option for their shells and although I want to try it {just because!}, I actually love the aplix on their covers.  It’s stronger than most other aplix diapers and I’ve never had any issues with any of our diapers for quality!  This is truly an outstanding system and I’m so glad to welcome Softbums into this great prize package!

Buy It:  You can purchase an Echo Shell for $21.95 and depending on the type of inserts you would like, prices vary.  Softbums are available on their website or at a variety of retailers.

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