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Meet The Fam.

I’m delighted that you want to know a little more about my family!

Let me informally introduce you, after all, we’re just a simple Tennessee family!

I’m Lindsey, which I think you gathered by now, I’ve been married to my husband, Robert, for 13 years now. We’re raising our daughters, Sophia who is just finishing 6th grade, and Moreaya who’s almost done with 4th grade.

I was raised in a small town in east Tennessee and have lived here my whole life.  I started my degree at a local community college and then transferred to East Tennessee University to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Development and Learning.

After graduating, I began to look for work and little did I know it would lead me back to my hometown. I took over a successful childcare business and was an entrepreneur and business owner at just 24 years old.

I loved working with the children, parents, and thriving in the business-aspects of the job. I felt fulfilled. I didn’t want children of my own, I had 40 everyday, didn’t need a husband… my life was full!

That was until my best friend kept urging me to go on a date with her husband’s best friend.  We had went to high school together, known one another {from afar} for about 8 years, but had never really been friends.

We went on our first date, a week before Valentine’s Day, got “officially” engaged in May, and got married in November 2008! They say when you know, you know. I guess that became our truth!

Although Rob’s love story is the same as mine {or it better be}, he grew up quite different. 

He was born in the Philippines. His parents moved to the U.S. when he was 5 years old, while he lived with his grandmother and brother. After 5 years, his parents were established enough for their children to come to the States. 

Rob has lived in Tennessee since he was 10 years old. You can read a little more about his story here.

The best thing to come out of joining our lives together, other than finding my best friend in life, has been our two daughters.

In April of 2020, we welcomed our newest family member – our son, Collie! Yes, he’s a little different than the rest of us, but he’s just as much a member of the family as all of us. He’s an Aussiedoodle that loves attention, treats, and to chase his favorite toy outside!

Although there’s a 1 1/2 year difference in these girls, they’re pretty much inseparable, which means they share a lot of the same interests which happen to include: Kittens, Collie, Harry Potter, LEGO, and Fashion!

LuLaRoe Sisters

Oh, and be sure to stick around because in addition to me, these 3 are sure to show up in a blog post or two!

Family in Ocean