Meet the BabyHawk Oh Mei: Part Mei Tai, Part SSC

Although International Babywearing Week was last week, we’re still talking baby carriers {you don’t mind, right!?} because Fall Back into Babywearing is still going strong for another week or two.  One of the carriers that you can win is the carrier that I’m going to show you today {that I was sent free to review}… the Oh Mei! from BabyHawk!


This carrier intrigued me at first glance.  Let me start off by telling you a little about BabyHawk and the three types of carriers they make:

One child, plus two arms, plus one million things to do, equals me needing a baby carrier that not only matched my style but is functional and comfortable as well.   A mother’s time is, perhaps, more valuable than anyone else’s, and at BabyHawk our goal is to make your parenting experience easier. 

Along with the original BabyHawk Mei Tai {a carrier that is in fact like a wrap, but with a body panel}, BabyHawk also now makes an Oh Snap! carrier, which is similar to other Soft Structured Carriers with buckles at the waist, shoulder straps, and a chest clip.  The Oh Mei! is a complete hybrid of the two!


It features a waist strap, but the top is mei tai style.  I consulted MY babywearing professional, my good friend Jenny from According to Jenny, on ways that I should tie the straps because I’ve never used a Mei Tai style before… I’m usually just a SSC kinda gal.  Turns out, there are a ton of different ways to tie the top, but this crossover on the front was the one that made me the most comfortable.


Although it’s usually much easier for me to put her in a Front Carry {especially if I’m by myself}, I way prefer to have her on my back now that she’s taller.  It’s a bit hard to see around her, although it sure is nice to have those snuggles!

That’s one thing that I do absolutely love about the Oh Mei.  I’ve found that I can put her in a back carry much more easily than I can with a SSC.  Why?  Because I the straps are so long that they’re easy for me to grab and pull over my shoulders without struggling to find a shoulder strap and getting her in the seat good, like I do in a SSC back carry when I’m solo.


Crisscrossing the straps, on both front and back carrys, have been the most comfortable for me.  I’m still practicing with others, but it seems to be the easiest to get the straps pulled good and tight for me as well.

The Oh Mei! can be used with children from 15 to 45 pounds and I definitely see how it can accommodate larger children.  Moreaya is about 23 pounds and fits in just right, with a high back panel and lots of room for the seat to be comfy.


Feedback on the BabyHawk Carriers speaks volumes about this brand.  It seems that once you have a BabyHawk, you’re a BabyHawk customer for life and I can’t disagree with that!  The quality of the Oh Mei! is outstanding.  It’s thick, durable, and well, absolutely gorgeous.


BabyHawk Carriers are made in the USA of 100% cotton chino twill and 100% quilting-quality cotton.  The Oh Mei! is available on and retails for $108.95.

Be sure to connect with BabyHawk on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and instagram.

  1. I can't tell if it's uncomfortable or you were nervous about your picture being taken, but I LOVE the pattern! That looks like a great carrier! I am definitely going to need to baby wear with this baby, because this time I will have a toddler running around! LOL
  2. I love the anchor one! With all my dabbling in different carriers, I've never tried a half-buckle or a Babyhawk, so this would be interesting for me to play with.
  3. Gotta love a carrier that makes a solo back carrier easier! And you're right, it is gorgeous! Thanks for the review!
  4. I was so excited about this product until I read that the starting weight is 15lbs. Boo! I really love the idea of a Mei Tai, and a hybrid just sounds fantastic. Thank you for your review :-)
    1. Marisa - Thanks for your comment! Most SSC will start at 15lbs, unless they come with an infant insert. Since this is a half buckle, I'm assuming that's why. To start wearing your little girl as an infant, you'll definitely want to look into a wrap probably for the first few months. That's what I did. :) Or a SSC with an infant insert.
  5. I was never interested in a mai tai becaus it didn't look like one would work very well for me, but this looks like a nice option.
  6. I love that this looks "daddy friendly", easy to use and comfortable to wear, as well as offering front and back carries :)
  7. I love mei tais!! :) I have one for my daughter, but I'm a firm believer that you can't ever have too many. Especially when they are as cute as these!!!
  8. I have never done baby wearing before, but for my next baby I would love to try a baby carrier. This one makes me nervous because the ties look confusing. I have heard great things about this brand of carrier. I will have to check it out.
  9. Great point about the back carry being easier with the Oh Mei because of the long straps than a ssc. I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks!
  10. I love that you said it was pretty easy to get your daughter in a back carry in this. I always have problems with doing it on my own with our SSC and a wrap...well, that isn't as quick and easy as I need sometimes. I definitely need a hybrid like this (or even a mei tai) for those moments when I need to do a quick back carry.
  11. i have a regular toddler mei tai, but find the waist straps diggy. this seems like a great solution to that, plus you get to still have the adjustability of the straps.
  12. I like how wide this seat is, and how it seems to be so easy to use. I would definitely have to choose a different way to put the straps when I did a back carry, though. I am way too busty for them to cross over my chest.
  13. This looks like a carrier that would be able to be used for a while - the seat looks tall and wide! I like that it's a half buckle too!
  14. I love that it is made in the USA and I love that the seat are nice and wide and that you have the option of front or back carry.
    1. Thanks for your comment, Karena. Since it's a mei tai style, you can tie the straps any way you like, as I mentioned in the review. I chose to show it this way in the pictures. Thank you!
  15. adorable carrier, I like that it does older children as well, Do you think the ties scare people off? I know lots of babywearing mama's in my area but have never seen this particular one in use, even after they've outgrown their wraps.
    1. I think they probably do. They almost scared me off, but that's why I liked this carrier because it's not COMPLETELY a Mai Tei, you know? It's a great transition to a wrap/mei tai, I think.
  16. I love that this carrier is a hybrid and so versatile! I like that you can do many different tie offs with it too.
  17. I love that this carrier is a hybrid and that it both ties and snaps. It's also ergonomically correct which is a big plus in my eyes!
  18. I am looking forward to getting a baby hawk soon!! This helped out with the explanation of how easy a back carry can be solo!
  19. This would be perfect for my family. My one son loves to do piggy backs and it would be easier to have me secured so our arms would be more readily available. Love this carrier!
  20. Oh, how I would love to try the Baby Hawk Oh Mei! On my 22 month old. He is getting so heavy to carry around, and with the 3 different carrying options? Who couldn't resist? And add the fact that I just had a newborn, would be such a life saver for me!!
    1. She's not exactly squished, but super comfy. :) The closer to your back your child is, the safer and less strain on your back. Luckily Moreaya is a cuddler too! :) Thanks, Tracie!
  21. I am very intrigued by this carrier! I have never tried a ssc or mei tai, as I am typically a woven girl. This looks so comfortable and looks like it would make tandem wearing my two and a half year old and my newborn very easy!
  22. I am currently on my second babyhawk mei tai. The first one had to be retired after several years of faithful service (after being purchased used). I also just got an Oh Snap! I love babyhawk!
  23. In my early days of babywearing, we tried a mei tai, but found the shoulder straps weren't very comfortable, and a bit diggy (not a babyhawk). I would love the flexibility of a mei tai with the ease of an SSC buckle waist. A half-buckle is actually on my current wish list. :)
  24. It is a good carrier for moms that mostly back carry their baby/ toddler because it has a tall flap back, so that the baby wont fall out. It makes it more safer for the baby.
  25. Wow I love the colors I love it looks like a wrap and baby carrier put together I love the waist strap and the different ways you can tie the top I can see myself getting one of these very unique
  26. I love that is has so many cool designs to choose from, and that it's easy to put on and adjust. Looks very comfy for both baby and mom!
  27. This sooks great to wear easy to carry the baby or larger child with you all the time in it. I love the fabrics it comes in too
  28. i love love love this one!!!! i want the one with the flowers on it!! i love that it has a side carrying position and the wide back, it looks super comfy for my LO....
  29. I would love to try a babyhawk sometime. The backcarry looks interesting when the straps cross over the front. Looks a lot sturdier than the other Mei Tei I have.
  30. I've always been scared of mei tais, fearing the ties would come loose. I like that this has a waist buckle, and crossing the straps in an x seems comfy.
  31. Wow, your daughter looks so cozy in there! It looks like it rides really high, maybe that's just me. But I would love to try something like this during pregnancy because I think it would be easier to adjust where the hip belt falls than on a SSC.
  32. Didn't know they made a hybrid like that! Cool! Never tried a mei tai but I like the idea of a back carry that is easy!
  33. You did a very nice review on this product but you didn't look very comfortable after you had the baby in there and everything looked very cramped.I wonder how well this works for a smaller baby?
    1. Hmmm... how do I not look comfortable Cynthia? It's actually a very comfortable carrier. It's a bit hard to pose for photos, I'll say that, but the closer your baby is, the better for your back and comfort - I suppose this is what you mean by cramped?
  34. How neat is that. I have a WAHM mei tai that I love, but I never thought of one being part SSC. Love their prints, the anchor is awesome!
  35. I Loooooooove BabyHawks! I had a mei tai from them with my firstborn. I wish they'd sold the toddler carriers at the time, because I would have purchased one of those too!
  36. These are really neat looking, I like the cross over straps a lot and the patterns are adorable. Thank you for the review :)
  37. Great prints, and I like that it is a mix of both worlds. I have yet to try any carrier but really want to get into babywearing. My son is mobile and being able to hold him while I do housework would be very helpful
  38. This wrap offers versatility and I like that. I also like the patterns, very nice! I am looking for a carrier for a toddler and this looks like it would be a good fit too!
  39. I love this! I had a traditional Babyhawk Mei Tai, but it was getting to be difficult with squirmy older babies. The snaps look like they'd quickly solve that problem! I bet it's just as comfortable, too. I would love to try one of these!
  40. I love that this carrier can be used with bigger kiddos. My son is still young but I know he is going to be a big toddler but will still want to be carried so something like this will be very helpful.

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