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Cloth Pads for Menstrual Cycle: Why I Switched

Reusable Menstrual Products

**Remember, these posts are all about menstruation and being comfortable with the topic and your body – if you’re not interested, please skip this post! This post may contain affiliate links.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to host this challenge was so that the word of disposable alternatives would be spread. Obviously they wanted to reach as many people as they could, but one of the most important groups to them, is young females by way of their Mothers. 

If we can get Moms on board, then their daughters will follow and choose cloth pads for menstrual cycles…

Our vision is to help others make an informed choice in switching to cloth, encourage them to try them and help clear our minds of the fear that cloth is something gross, hard to care for or not worth the trouble. 

We know it’s not for everyone, although who ever thought sticking a tampon up our woohoo was such a wonderful idea in the beginning. We have to retrain our minds and for the young girls start them on the path with cloth. I really feel like that is where change will have it’s impact. 

If we as mothers help our daughters start out with cloth that makes it easier. Kinda like when others see you breastfeeding, it normalizes it.

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I completely agree and hope to teach my girls {thankfully we’ve got quite a few years to go before I completely have to start thinking about it} about alternatives to harmful disposable sanitary products – harmful to the earth and sometimes harmful to our own health!

So, by showing our openness to Mama Cloth and interest in more eco-friendly options in your daily lives, we are definitely planting seeds for the future!