Mama Cloth {a Series}: Part 1 – My First Week w/ No Disposables

This is the first post in my Mama Cloth series.  You can find out why I’m blogging about them here.

**Remember, these posts are all about menstruation and being comfortable with the topic and your body – if you’re not interested, please skip this post!

Mama Cloth a Series

I did it.  I went an entire cycle using only cloth and no disposable products… and I’m getting ready to do it again!  Although I am dreading it, I mean really – who enjoys the monthly visitor – I don’t dread buying disposable products and throwing money out with the trash!

I really encourage anyone who is on the fence about using cloth pads to try them out.  You can always start with a panty liner or two and see how it goes from there.

For the most part, my first cycle with all cloth went fine.  I don’t have a gigantic stash of pads so I had to wash every other day, but that’s recommended anyways for sanitary reasons.

It was no big deal for me to use the cloth pads when I was outside of the house.  They wrap and snap nicely to fit easily into a purse, or the diaper bag in my case, and I took along a very small wet/dry bag to keep them in.

Overall, they are pretty comfortable.  They are bulky, but not as bulky as you might think – probably as much as disposable pads.  If you have previously been using tampons, getting used to cloth pads will definitely be a little more work, but definitely worth it.

In my next post in the Mama Cloth Series, we’ll be discussing how to care for them:  Prep, Laundry Routines, Storage, and more!

mama cloth laundry

  1. Do they seem to hold as much as disposables? I'm really interested in this, but I'm wondering how to compare what I'm seeing retailers classify them as (light, regular, heavy etc.) to what the disposables say on the box. Does that make sense?
    1. Brittany - if you have a really heavy period, I've read others say that they have to change cloth pads a lot more often. Usually the different types of pads, really only refer to the size of them. The Heavy/Overnight pads are a lot larger and longer, but all seem to be about the same absorbency, of the ones I've tried, at least. Thanks for your question!
  2. Looking forward to reading this series. I'm going to be attempting to use a cup on my next cycle in July. If that epic fails for any reason, I will be going the cloth route! :)

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