Make a Statement and Encourage Self Esteem with The Talking Shirt

This conversation about The Talking Shirt was made possible by the company referenced – all opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but I like my clothing to make a statement.  I like my girl’s clothing to make a statement too – I love to put them in trendy styles that I know they will love and will look super cute on them!  But they also like to be comfortable so it can be a little challenging at times – until we found The Talking Shirt.


When Rachel, the lovely Mom behind told me to pick a couple of styles for my girls – it was hard, y’all!  Seriously – I fell in love with every style and saying on these adorable shirts!


Rachel shared with me that the idea for The Talking Shirt came from being tired of seeing so many little girls’ shirts with rude, snarky, and inappropriate sayings on them – and boy, do I agree!  I can’t believe some of the shirts I see on racks in clothing stores sometimes.  She has two little girls of her own and wanted them to spread a positive message wherever they want.

And positive they are.  I always find myself telling my girls how pretty they are… and they are, I’m their Mama and I should tell them that.  But I remind myself to compliment their other qualities – I try so hard to tell them every day how smart they are, how kind they are and these shirts are a perfect reflection of that!


My Sophia is smart.  I know I’m her Mom, but I’m telling y’all – this gal is going to be on the Honor Roll no doubt.  So the “Pretty & Smart” fit her perfectly – that and the fact that she’s dying to wear glasses like her Mama!  Rachel let me know that the “be YOU tiful” tee is one of her best sellers and it’s obvious why, so I also chose that shirt for both my girls too.


Being a Mom of two young girls, I definitely want to encourage high self esteem and encouraging them to be themselves is a great way to start!

Now, you can fall in love with The Talking Shirt message too, but I know you’re wanting to know about the quality of the shirt too, right?!  It’s all fine and dandy, but if the shirts don’t last well… No worries about that here!  I’ve washed them 3-4 times each already, yes, the girls like them as much as I do, and they don’t seem to have faded a bit, which made me incredibly happy since the colors were so deep and rich!  The sizing also seems spot on.


If you can’t tell from this glowing review, I’m kind of in love with The Talking Shirt – and know you will be too!  Not only do they make great tops for your kiddos [they have boys and women shirts too!], but they’d make excellent gifts too!

You can connect with The Talking Shirt on Facebook and Twitter.  You can purchase shirts right on their website – ranging from an average of $20 – $26, depending on style and color.

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