The SECRET to Make a Shutterfly Photo Book the Easiest Way Ever

Everyone loves them, but sometimes photo books can take HOURS to design. Here’s the secret to make a Shutterfly photo book in MINUTES!

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Don’t you just love photo books? We have one that I made with our photos from our first Disney World trip and the girls still look at it regularly. But I rarely have time to print photos let alone design an entire book. I love them, really I do, but once I start trying to make one I look up at the clock and realize it’s been 2 hours and I’ve only done 3 pages.

Tell me I’m not alone. Now, I’ll tell you that I have a HUGE secret on how to make a Shutterfly photo book in just minutes!

Shutterfly’s new photo book service, Make My Book is utterly amazing, especially for us Moms who love photo books, but just don’t love the time it takes to make them. I admit, the only reason it takes me time to  make them is because I’m a perfectionist and I’m constantly analyzing which photo is better and which page backgrounds should go with others, but guess what… my secret will save you from that over analyzing!

Shutterfly Free Prints

When you use the service you only have a few tasks – you leave the rest up to the glorious Shutterfly designers. But let’s get back to your tasks. The first step to make a Shutterfly photo book is to pick a theme! I chose to make our book all about our recent trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. When you pick up and fly to Orlando for 3 days to celebrate your Wizard Loving Girls, the experience deserves to make a photo book!

Next, you upload your photos. While there are different choices about how many photos to use – I chose to use as many as possible with no duplicates. Do you know what that means? I didn’t have to look through the 300 photos that I had of our trip – the Shutterfly designers did that for me and picked out only the best ones for my book!

I got the email just a few days after I submitted all my photos for our book. I was ecstatic to see the beautiful book that was designed all for me! While I chose to have some embellishments included, I decided to go in and add a few things to the book… you know, perfectionist here. I didn’t have to change anything, but I did add a few notes for reminders of our trip.

Using Shutterfly’s Make My Photo Book service will only cost you an additional $9.99 [and it’s worth every single penny] for your photo book. I couldn’t recommend this service enough. It was an absolute delight to create make this Shutterfly photo book – no hours of designing on my part, no sifting through hundreds of pictures… just going straight to enjoying the memories together!

When you’re ready to make a Shutterfly photo book and enjoy the creation of the book as much as you enjoy looking at them, head over to Shutterfly and choose their new Make My Book service! And you’ll always find me here, so you can thank me later!

  1. Whoa... this is amazing!! And SO CHEAP!! Seriously for saving me so much time I feel like I should be able to tip them or something lol!!

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