Make Lunch Special with Lunch Box Printables

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I’ve been sharing some great lunch bento tips and pictures of Sophia’s school lunches over the past couple of weeks and today I’m sharing another fun way to make lunches even more special… with lunch box printables!

Lunchbox Note

I’ve been thinking of adding in little notes with Sophia’s bento lunches but hadn’t found any that were super cute and that she can read. She’s just in her 2nd week of Kindergarten and just learning to read a few sight words, so I wanted to be sure I picked lunch box printables that she could understand. I found some absolutely cute ones from The Good Stuff on!

Lunch Box Notes to Print

The best part about these lunch box printables is they literally take just a few moments to print and cut out – ready to put straight into bento and lunch boxes. I’m super excited to hear her reaction to “U R A Rock Star!” that was in her lunch today!

I print out a couple of pages of the lunch box printables and have them cut into squares, stored right beside our bento lunch supplies so I don’t forget to stick a little note in for her, helping her remember while she’s at school [and away from me for 7 hours!] that I’m still thinking of her!

Lunch Prep Drawer

In addition to lunch box printables, you can find printable bookmarks at The Good Stuff by I know a little dino-obsessed girl that would love to have that first bookmark keeping her place in library books!

Bookmarks to Print

If your child takes his/her lunch to school, be sure to head over and print your favorite lunch box printables to make their lunches even more special!

What’s your kids’ favorite lunch?
Have a cool back to school tip you’d like to share?


  1. My kiddo is probably older than most that pack a lunch, he's an eighth grader. He loves to have the same thing each day of the week and if I change it up boy do I hear about it. He loves his peanut butter sandwich, a couple chips, fruit roll up or fruit snack, a go gurt and small powerade to drink. I like to give him fruits like grapes or tangerines occasionally but only if I have the ok first. He sits with the other special children in his class so nobody teases him about packing his lunch. They are brave, strong and fierce protectors of their friends and don't care what others consider "not cool". follow the beat of your own drummer...... live happier!
  2. My daughter isn't in school yet (17 m) but her favorite lunches pretty much change weekly. (oh toddlers....) she's really into mac n cheese, scrambled eggs (good for anytime of day!), grapes, and raspberries. she used to love blueberries... not anymore... she keeps us on our toes. have already saved so many school lunch ideas for kiddos for the future.
  3. My son's favorite thing to eat at lunch is turkey roll ups, organic cheese crackers, green grapes, yogurt, and apple juice! :-)
  4. My son just started preschool, so he doesn't take lunch yet. My tip is just to make sure they have a good snack when they get home. My son loves nuts when he gets home.
  5. my kindergartener loves the classics - pb&j is his go-to lunch. He loves most fruit, so that's how we keep things interesting. =)
  6. My kids love eating sandwiches for lunch with fruit. My tip is to mix it up, have different sandwiches and fruits for each day of the week.
  7. My son loves pancakes, bacon, & grapes for lunch! I usually freeze extra pancakes & save a little bacon - heat it up a little in the morning - good to go!
  8. My daughter's favorite back-to-school lunch is hummus with carrot and celery sticks, cucumber and tomato slices, and whole-grain pita!
  9. well, my kids are homeschooled, so I don't pack them a lunch. My kids love fruit, and my son likes carrots too. One of his favorite meals is soup, and he Loves pizza.
  10. When my son was in school, he loved ham and cheese sandwiches, apple slices, Goldfish snacks and yogurt. He could eat this every day! :)
  11. my two youngest boys buy lunch at school. But my daughter has to pack a lunch, afterschool snack, and a dinner twice a week, thanks to long hours at the high school, an after school robotics club, and marching band practice. Baby Belle cheeses are favorites, as well as anything by Little Debbie. My college son makes his own meals in his dorm apartment, so his lunches are whatever he has leftover from previous dinners.
  12. My boys love to take lunches with anything bite size. Cucumber coins & hummus, ham and cheese and crackers, or fruot salad kabobs
  13. Favorite lunch is something warm in a thermos – soup, chicken fajitas, etc. Putting hot water in the thermos for a few minutes before filling with food keeps it warm and the kids think it is magic!
  14. My son loves to take peanut butter for lunch, but though its not a peanut free school, there is a peanut allergy in his class so we prefer to be cautious! So instead, he loves taking ham, fresh veggies and yogurt... and leftover pot roast in the thermos!
  15. My eldest loves subs with either veggies with dressing or a side salad. My two youngest love grilled cheese sandwiches with carrots and cucumber. I always make sure they have some fruit with their lunch :)
  16. A great tip I've heard about going back to school is to get your kids back in a school-like schedule a few weeks before school starts, that way the adjustment is not so hard!
  17. My daughter loves when I send her with mini bagel pizzas! I cut the toppings into fun shapes for her! she begs me to make them every day lol
  18. he loves the turkey wrap i send with him - with turkey, lettuce, ranch, cheddar cheese and of course a tortilla. i give him baby carrots all the time with mustard or ranch. and he likes water with a little bit of fruit juice in it.

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