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4 Easy Ways to Make Every Day Like Earth Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every Day Like Earth Day

Although we celebrated Earth Day a week ago, it’s been on my mind ever since. I loved reading so many fellow bloggers’ posts about the eco-centered Holiday, enjoyed participating in a Twitter Party or two celebrating the Earth, and the many commercials that I even see on TV sharing the green message. But it really got me thinking about how we could easily make every day like Earth Day.

If you’re on a green mission for your family, no matter how big or small the steps you’re taking, you probably already make choices that make your days more eco-friendly. I understand why we have special days like Earth Day, to spread the message of sustainability, but I urge you to not hang up that messaging when the day ends, but to continue it every day and I’ve got 4 easy ways that can help.

Buy Products that Matter.

It’s important to realize that using our dollars for more natural products is just as important as the products that we receive when we check out at the store. When stores see consumers purchasing more natural products, they offer more natural choices. One great example of this is the Made to Matter line sold exclusively at Target stores, which just so happens to be carrying one of my favorite brands this year… Tom’s of Maine!

Toms of Maine Made to Matter Target

Tom’s of Maine created 3 completely new products exclusively for the Made to Matter line at Target – Luminous White Toothpaste, Wicked Cool! Deodorant, and North Woods Antiperspirant. All of these products are free of artificial dyes, fragrances, flavors and preservatives, and just like all Tom’s of Maine products, they’re never tested on animals.

One of the most exciting products to come from this line is Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Deodorant because it’s their first natural deodorant made just for boys and girls. When it’s time for your children to start wearing deodorant, you can feel good knowing that it provides 24-hour odor protection and is free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

North Woods Men’s Antiperspirant from Tom’s is also a first. It’s the first natural antiperspirant made for men that provides all day odor and wetness protection without petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or irritation. My husband is loving this one and I love the clean scent.

Luminous White

Products that are made to matter contain products that you want to see, but nothing you don’t like parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, and flavors. The Luminous White Toothpaste is the most advanced natural whitening toothpaste that is safe for enamel and is even gluten free.

Using your dollars at the checkout let’s brands, stores, and companies know what’s important to you and what products you want to continue to see. The Made to Matter line is a great way to make eco-friendly choices without a huge effort… every day, not just Earth Day!

Volunteer Your Time.

One great way to make every day like Earth Day is to volunteer your time. This activity is actually also inspired by Tom’s of Maine as make giving back and volunteering part of their brand’s mission. Each employee is encouraged to use 5% of their working time to volunteer!

Toms of Maine company standards

Produce Less Waste.

Whether you’re producing less waste by using less disposable materials, recycling, or making your own products, it makes a HUGE difference in our world and definitely makes each day more green. This can seem like a big task, so take small steps. Start recycling paper products only if you don’t already recycle. Any change to produce less waste can make a big impact, no matter how small it begins.

Embrace Life.

Embrace all forms of life – including plants, animals, and yourself! Plant a tree any day, it doesn’t have to just be Earth Day. Build a small flower garden or plant a few tomato plants in a container on your back deck – all these are easy ways to embrace all forms of life and make a difference every day!

Toms of Maine Made to Matter

Don’t forget to check out the Made to Matter line found exclusively at Target and save even more on these great natural products from Tom’s of Maine with this cartwheel offer. No matter where you’re at on your green journey, these 4 easy tasks can help us all make every day like Earth Day.

What tasks do you do in your daily life to make every day like Earth Day?