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I’m so excited to say that Mama’s Got a New Look is only one day away!  It starts tonight at midnight – so be sure to come back to see all the fabulous Prizes in the TWO Grand Prizes for this Event, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

Maggie Bags

Today I’m sharing with you a sponsor in our Fashion Mama’s New Look Grand Prize – Maggie Bags. 

Maggie Bags are made using genuine automotive seat belt webbing built to meet government safety standards to protect you for the life of your car. The Maggie Bags legacy began with our parent company, Tennessee Webbing Products. Tennessee Webbing has kept millions of yards of narrow fabrics out of landfills since they began operation in 1991. Our desire to do our part for the environment by finding creative new uses for materials originally made for other purposes has been the Maggie Bags mission since the beginning.

Maggie BagsWhen I saw these bags for the first time I was immediately intrigued – products made out of seat belts?  Amazing.  Products made out of seat belts that would have otherwise landed in landfills?  Awesome.  Products made out of seat belts from a company based in a major east Tennessee city, Knoxville, TN?  I’m sold!  I love supporting eco-friendly and local companies!  Actually, at first I didn’t know they were a local brand.  I saw the name “Tote of Many Colors” and thought – cute play on a popular song from a local legend.  I wondered, so I checked their About page and was delighted!

Although I adored the Tote of Many Colors just because of it’s name, I chose to go with a Campus Tote by Maggie Bags.  The two things that definitely sold me on this bag was the zipper to close the tote and the Zippered and a couple of pockets inside.  The Campus Tote is slightly smaller than the Tote of Many Colors, but still plenty big enough.

Maggie Bags Campus Tote Collage

Since I’m planning on going back to school, I definitely will be using this bag to tote around campus.  It’s plenty big enough since I’ll only be taking one class on campus.  I easily fit a couple of books, my Maggie Bags Large Wallet, keys, iPhone, and have plenty of room in the satin-lined bag.

Although we’re in the middle of Winter, I still couldn’t resist the Fall Leaves color and thought I could totally rock it throughout the entire year!

Maggie Bags Campus Tote

Along with loving the zipper-ed top and pockets on the inside, this tote contains four metal feet that allow the tote to free-stand on it’s own.  I love that it won’t be crumpled over on the floor of a classroom and get super dirty.  However, if it does, no big deal – these bags are machine washable!

Maggie Bags Large Wallet

I mentioned the Large Wallet by Maggie Bags above.  It really is a large wallet and great because it fits everything I could possibly need – cash, cards, and I can even zip up my phone inside so if I chose to carry the wallet only, it would be fine.

Maggie Bags Large Wallet

The eggplant colored satin lining matches the lining in my Campus Tote and I just love it!  I also love the card spaces, as well as the zippered pocket inside the wallet to hold valuables or coins.

I’ll admit, sometimes I struggle with Fashion choices, but I think my Campus Tote will definitely help me in this area from now on!

Be sure to check out Jenny’s review of the Tote of Many Colors today too!

Buy It:  You can purchase Maggie Bags directly from their website, as well as at a variety of Retailers.  The Campus Tote retails for $85 and the Large Wallet retails for $50!  For an eco-friendly bag that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

And save 25% off the Maggie Bags Premiere Line with code “NewLook”!


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