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LuLaRoe for Kids: Check Out These LuLaRoe Styles for Kids

Did you know that your favorite buttery leggings company carries kids clothes? Check out all the great LuLaRoe for kids styles and get your kiddo’s wardrobe ready for any time of the year.

LuLaRoe for Kids - LuLaRoe Dresses

It’s back to school time and with two little girls that can only mean one thing for us… back to school shopping time! I admit, I totally love the fact that I have two gals who are totally into dressing adorable. Don’t confuse that with two little girls who only want name brands and high end fashion. No, they aren’t totally into that yet [thank goodness]. They just love to “doll up” anything they are wearing with headbands, shoes, bracelets, lip gloss and other accessories.

Sisters wearing LuLaRoe Scarlett - Dress for Kids

While they don’t really know name brands yet, there is one brand that they’ve been hearing me say for over 2 years now. LuLaRoe! I became completely obsessed with LuLaRoe leggings in December of 2015 and the girls did too… even before they started making kids sizes. Moreaya would rub my buttery soft leggings and beg for a pair of her own.

As soon as they started making LuLaRoe for kids, my girls were hooked. They’re comfortable [the LuLaRoe kids leggings aren’t the only pieces that are buttery soft], durable, and come in the most fun, bright colors that kids love. And when LuLaRoe started making dresses like the Scarlett [which is the perfect mini version of a Carly], I just couldn’t wait for the girls to try them!

My favorite LuLaRoe Consultant Michelle sent the girls matching Scarlett dresses just in time for the new school year and let me tell you, this print is just so perfect for Fall!

Back of LuLaRoe Dresses

Sophia and Moreaya are obsessed with every single thing about this dress. The geometric pattern, the flow of the soft material, the length, and, of course, that cute little signature pocket.

Sisters holding hands in LuLaRoe dresses

I get questions all the time about how to buy LuLaRoe and how to know what size to get in different pieces. Since sizing in LuLaRoe can vary from style to style, that’s why it’s important to have a regular consultant that you can trust like Michelle. She’s SO great about answering all my questions, not only about sizing, but about materials and even giving me a heads up when there’s something in her inventory that she knows I’ll like! That’s what you call customer service.

Michelle made this graphic, featuring one of of her adorable daughters, modeling the Scarlett dress. It helped me tremendously to know what size to get my girls [Sophia is wearing a 6 and Moreaya is wearing a 4].

LuLaRoe for Kids Dress Sizing

This picture also shows the versatility of LuLaRoe clothing. I’m totally open to spending a bit more money for quality clothes that literally grow with my girls as they grow. They are both wearing their Scarletts as a dress now, but as they get older, they can easily transition to a tunic paired with leggings.

LuLaRoe for Kids - Back to School Fashion

The Scarlett dress isn’t the only style of LuLaRoe for kids. Here’s a full list of the current LuLaRoe styles in kids sizes:

  • Scarlett [kid’s version of a Carly]
  • Adeline [kid’s version of a Nicole]
  • Mae [dress with side pockets]
  • Bianka [kid’s version of a Lindsay]
  • Gracie [kid’s version of an Irma]
  • Azure [knee-length skirt]
  • Leggings [come in 3 different kid’s sizes – S/M, L/XL, and Tween]
  • Sloan [kid’s version of a Randy]
  • Sariah [COMING SOON! This beautiful full length sweater is the kid’s version of a Sarah!!! So excited for this one myself]

But keep in mind that you can also size down some of the adult sizes for older kids. Some children, depending on their size, can wear XXS Randys, Classics, and even Carly’s too!

LuLaRoe for Kids

LuLaRoe for kids isn’t available at your local clothing store, which is what makes the brand super fun and unique. Each print is only made into 2500 pieces [which is then split into all the different styles LLR makes] making the chances of your child wearing the same prints as others very small. If you’re wondering then, where to buy LuLaRoe online, I’ll always recommend Michelle and her Facebook Group. She holds regular album sales and always has new inventory to share! You can also find her sharing fabulous styles and inventory on her Facebook page and instagram.

Kasee Johnson

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

My favorite is the Classic T, but I say that while sitting here in a Carly. :)

Hannah C

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

I really like the adult styles.


Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

I like the kids one!

alona y

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

I really like the adult styles the best.

Tasha Wilkerson

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

I love the Sarahs!

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