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What Is LuLaRoe and Why Is It So Popular?

You’ve liked heard of the brand either on the news or by hearing your friends talk about them, but you might still be wondering ‘What is LuLaRoe‘ and ‘Why is it so popular’? Here are 6 reasons why everyone is loving this brand right now!

What Is LuLaRoe and Why is It So Popular?

A year after finding one of my favorite new brands, my closet is full of all kinds of different LuLaRoe pieces and the obsession is still going strong. But if you haven’t found the LuLa love yet, here’s what you need to know.

What Is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a clothing brand that is sold in a multi-level marketing set up where you must purchase the items from a consultant. The brand was established in 2012 and quickly gained popularity during the leggings are pants movement. They’ve become an established brand with 45 current styles of clothing.

One thing that really sets LuLaRoe apart from other legging and clothing brands is their prints. Each “print” is only made into 2,500 pieces which is then split up between the different styles of clothing and sizes. That means you won’t see a ton of the same print in the same size and style – making their clothing choices unique. This also contributes to the “hard to find” category – if you see something you like, you better buy it before it’s gone!

Why Is LuLaRoe Popular? Here’s 6 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed [Like Me]!

Whether you have found the LuLaRoe love or are still on the fence, here are 6 reasons why I think the LuLaRoe clothing obsession is still going strong!

LuLaRoe Popular Style Looks

LuLaRoe clothing is flattering.

LuLaRoe outfit

Believe it or not, it’s not all about the LuLaRoe Leggings. Sure, that’s what brings most ladies into the obsession because… buttah leggings, but you’ll be trying more pieces in no time. It’s true, the leggings are often referred to as “buttah” because they are oh so soft. I like to joke that they’re made out of magical unicorn hair, because how else does a One Size pair of leggings fit SUCH a range of sizes.

But leggings aren’t the only flattering pieces. I am totally obsessed with the Perfect Tee, as of late [pictured above]. It hits me in just the right spot and I feel like really flatters my figure [and hides that belly my lovely girls gave me!].

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt

The Cassie skirt [pictured above] is another piece that might not get as much love as leggings and Irmas, but it’s extremely flattering. I love to wear mine high, accentuating my waist. I never thought I would say that again after 2 kiddos!

LuLaRoe sizing will make you smile.

LuLaRoe Carly Dress

You had me at XXS, LLR makers. That’s right, I normally wear a Medium in Tops in other brands and usually around an 8 in number sizes, but in Irmas and Perfects I wear XXS. In the Carly dress [pictured above], I choose XS as I do in the Classic Tee as well. Cassie and Julia’s are the pieces where I choose a Small.

Be sure to connect with a consultant about sizing before you buy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to size down! That type of flattery goes a long way with me!

It’s about YOU!

Speaking of consultants, you’ll need one to buy LuLaRoe. This is a direct sales type of business and most LLR consultants can be found online through Facebook groups.

Why Is LuLaRoe Popular? Carly Dress is Timeless

While it can be a little annoying that you can’t just go buy LLR, don’t let that stop you. There are SO many great consultants out there that really love the clothes and can make your shopping experience all about you. Get to know them, they’ll get to know your style, size, and be on the lookout for pieces they know you’ll love.

LuLaRoe clothing is unique.

It’s not just because of the crazy colors and designs either. LuLaRoe only makes 1,000 pieces in each pattern or design. That’s split up between 20 different styles available with the brand. That’s also split between the thousands of LLR consultants so the odds of you having the same shirt or skirt as someone else in your town… very minimal!

LuLaRoe Carly with Leggings

Plus there are a ton of different ways to wear LuLaRoe clothing. In the picture above I’m rocking my new Carly with a side knot over a pair of light gray leggings. I’ve seen Carly’s worn over Cassie’s, with Lindsay’s, and more! Get creative, get unique, and have fun with LuLaRoe pieces!

Let’s also address those crazy designs, shall we?! When I first saw LLR, I was like “Oh heck no. I’m not wearing cats on my legs.” So, we all know that I changed my mind, but why? They’re so fun! Break out of your comfort zone and share your unique style, my friends!

It’s comfortable… duh!

So it’s the number one reason I keep obsessing over LuLaRoe… the comfort.

LuLaRoe Clothing is Comfortable Style

Most days you’ll find me dressed just like above, wearing leggings with an oversized sweater. But the best part of the comfort is the fact that I don’t have to change out of it when it’s time to pick up my daughter from preschool! I pull on a pair of adorable Tieks ballet flats and I’ve got a cute outfit again!

Even when you’re “dressed up”, you’ve still got comfort.

LuLaRoe Carly sitting on swing.

I finally took the plunge and tried a Carly dress when a fellow blogger told me she always flies in a Carly because they’re so comfy. Spoiler alert: She was right.

LuLaRoe clothing is stylish without the effort.

Ladies, I’ll admit really fast… I’m no fashionista. That’s another reason why LuLaRoe clothing is the first thing I usually pick from my closet.

LuLaRoe Styling Cassie Skirt

It’s easy to style – a statement necklace, a white tee, and my puffer vest just completed this Cassie so well, with very little effort on my part. Want to go from day to night with LLR? I threw on a denim jacket and a belt with this Carly and traded out my comfy flats for a pair of booties to completely change the look.

LuLaRoe Carly with Denim Jacket and Booties

In a post I wrote earlier this year, I share a few different ways you can style LuLaRoe Outfits too! I’m telling you, if I can make these pieces stylish… you can too.

Styling a LuLaRoe Carly with Tieks and Belt

There’s definitely a reason why I still get visits and questions about LuLaRoe clothing daily. It’s because women are obsessed with these pieces and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for comfort, unique pieces, or clothing to make you feel better about yourself, I think you’ll find it in LuLaRoe.


 Now it’s your turn – tell me:

Are you already obsessed with LuLaRoe Clothing?
What pieces make up your favorite look?

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