Live Clean Baby Tearless Foaming Wash

I have a new LOVE!


As you may have read in the “About Me” post that was posted a few days ago, I am a new foster mommy to two under two. So cleaning up messes, changing diapers, washing bottles, and bath time are the activities that occupy my life now. My foster daughter is a very independent toddler who has a 1 year old’s coordination and a 21 year old’s independent attitude. Needless to say, she is just like me except for messes. She loves making them and I hate cleaning them up. And my foster son, he is a soon-to-be 9 month old who is learning to self-feed. I’m sure you can just imagine the mess he can make. However, I was just sent a new product {free for review} for our routine that makes cleaning up these monster messes A LOT easier…


Live Clean (Baby) Tearless Foaming Wash

This wonderful new product is a part of the Live Clean (Baby) line found exclusively at Walgreens and and it launches this month. And I have to be honest, I was really excited about reviewing this product, but I just didn’t think that a foaming wash would be all that different to the liquid that we had been using. As usual, my preconceived notion was totally wrong! I am totally in love with everything about this baby wash! The smell, the lather, the pump, but most of all, the way that both of the babies skin feel afterward. They both have super sensitive skin and I have had to try so many different kinds of baby wash because everything kept giving them both a rash. There has been only one kind that I am able to use with them both…until Live Clean (Baby) came along. I love that I know that when I use this on them, it isn’t harming them & is actually good for their skin. I can truly feel the difference & the wonderful “baby” smell it leaves behind doesn’t hurt, either. 

Live Clean (Baby), the eco conscious baby bath time collection, is introducing a new addition to their Live Clean (Baby) family. The new Live Clean (Baby) Tearless Foaming Wash is enhanced with a convenient bath time friendly pump which eliminates the need to use both hands to lather the wash. The new addition is also:

  • Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
  • Petroleum Free
  • Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free


Now, bath time for this girl is a lot easier since I don’t have to keep grabbing the soap and lathering up their washcloths again and again. That “other” soap just didn’t have any bubbles and I didn’t feel like it was getting them clean unless I used a lot more than I wanted to. The first time I used the Live Clean (Baby) Tearless Foaming Wash with them, I waaaaaaaay oveestimated how much to use on each of them…four pumps & it was too much soap & too many bubbles for me…but not to the babies, talk about a fun bath that was for them! Sissy loved helping to wash her own hair & Bubba’s, too.


I am so glad that I was able to try this product. It will definitely be a staple in this household from now on, as well as, all of the other products in their line. For a review on more of the Live Clean (Baby) products, see Lindsey’s review here

The Live Clean Mission: Go green without compromising performance. Our mission is to provide a line of products that contribute to a greener planet and perform at the highest level.  Live Clean Baby is a unique eco-friendly beauty care line that delivers exceptional results using natural and plant based ingredients.  Live Clean Baby formulations are made with a minimum of 98%* replenishable, renewable and sustainable natural and plant ingredients…as good for the earth as they are for your body.


What’s your biggest mess where a good bubble bath was the only remedy?


  1. Anytime my boys eat popsicles or try to "help" out with gardening...both of which happened yesterday! last night I used the Live Clean Baby foaming wash on them...and I love it! It's wonderful that I do not have to settle for the toxin-filled soaps in order to get a tear-free formula. It's truly tear-free too, because my youngest took it upon himself to rub it in his eyes after his brother asked me what tear-free meant. Sigh...

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