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Febreze Air Purifier for Cat Litter Box – Say Goodbye to Odor

Need an air purifier for your cat litter box? The Febreze Air Purifier is a great way to get rid of odors and clean the air when you have pets.


Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a zoo. It’s usually days where the cats are running wild, chasing each other across the couch, which causes the dog to start barking and chasing them too.

Or the days when I arrive home to see 3 sets of little eyes staring at me through the glass on the door. No matter the reason, I never dreamed that we would have so many pets in the house at once!

There’s a certain time of the day that I always go back to that realization… when it’s time to scoop the litter box. Then I really can’t believe we have two cats! Thankfully, I’ve got a new weapon when it comes to dealing with litter box odor.

Febreze Air Purifier Package

We’ve been running our Febreze Air Purifier, that I was provided free for the purpose of this review, for a few weeks now and I have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome, especially with helping to eliminate odors near the downstairs litter box.

Febreze Air Purifiers are a new product from the company you’ve come to know for their scented products. I really like this air purifier since it delivers two ways to deodorize rooms… by cleaning and purifying the air, as well as putting out Febreze scents.

So we’re not just covering up the litter box odors, but actually eliminating them!

Febreze Air Purifier Filters

There are 3 sizes available in Febreze Air Purifiers: Tabletop, Mini Tower, and Tower. Each of them work the same way and contain both a HEPA filter, as well as a slot to place the Febreze Scent Cartridge.

You’ll want to choose the size of machine depending on the square footage of the room where you’ll place your air purifier. The Tower I chose actually contains 2 HEPA filters. While I would love to see these as reusable filters, they don’t have to be replaced too often – just 3 times a year.

Febreze Air Purifier Settings

The Febreze Air Purifier is smart. I love that the machine alerts you when both the filters and the scent cartridges need to be replaced. The scents should be replaced monthly to work at their best capacity.

The Febreze Air Purifier Tower contains dual-action HEPA-type filter that capture up to 99% of airborne pollutants & allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen and pet hair & dander that passes through the filter.

It’s designed for large rooms and features manual controls to adjust the cleaning level, as well as the dial that allows you to control the Febreze scent intensity. Each purifier is ENERGY STAR qualified.

Febreze Air Purifier

You can purchase your own Febreze Air Purifier at a variety of retailers, including

Building our cat litter box enclosure has also helped tremendously with litter box odor. Check out that DIY if you are wanting options for litter box furniture.

Amber Ludwig

Thursday 22nd of September 2016

I love that it alerts you when it needs attention!! So convenient and one less thing to worry about keeping track of on our own!!