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Life with Motto Clear Aligners

This post was sponsored by Aspen Dental Management Inc. as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I can’t believe it – I’m over halfway through my treatment with Motto Clear Aligners from Aspen Dental! If you haven’t read about why I wanted a new smile or my Motto Aligners Consultation, go back and start there to get a full idea of my journey. 

If you’re already caught up on my story, keep reading because today I’m excited to share with you exactly what life is like has been like while I’ve been wearing my clear aligners!

My Daily Routine with Clear Aligners

When I decided to go through clear aligner treatment, I wondered how it would impact my daily life. It turns out, it really doesn’t! Here’s a look at how my day goes, in regards to my aligner activities.

I wake up and take my aligners out and place them in a cleaning solution. I enjoy coffee and my breakfast, brush my teeth, then put the aligners back in. 

At lunch, I place my Motto clear aligners in my case and have lunch. Then, if I’m home, I brush my teeth again. If I’m away from home, I just swish with water and replace my aligners.

The last time I take out my aligners is usually at dinner time. I place them in my case and after dinner, brush my teeth and put my aligners back in for nighttime. 

It’s recommended to wear Motto clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day and it’s actually very simple since the only time I take them out is to eat or drink [anything other than water].

I’ve been changing to a different tray weekly, and I tend to put the new tray in at night to minimize any discomfort or soreness that comes along with that switch. They do cause a bit of soreness for the first day for me as the new tray is designed to fit tight and move your teeth towards that final goal.

One of the reasons I chose Motto clear aligners from Aspen Dental was the convenience factor. I started my treatment in the smack dab of summer and to be honest, wasn’t looking for an orthodontic treatment where I would have to visit an office a ton of times.

We had plans of camping, a vacation to the beach, and even some hiking destinations on the calendar so I didn’t want to be stuck with tons of dental appointments. Thankfully I’m not with Motto clear aligners. They’ve traveled right along with me, and I can even take along my new trays if I’m set to change them out while we’re away from home.

And just because I’m not in the office, doesn’t mean I’m not connected. With the Dental Monitoring app, I still have a team of orthodontists making sure that my treatment is progressing correctly and checking in on the health of my teeth at the same time.

I’ve actually only been in the office 3 times now and I’m already about 75% through my treatment! I’m on Tray 11 out of 15 and couldn’t be happier with the progress of my smile. I feel a difference in my bite and can tell that my teeth are moving in the right direction. 

If you’re in the same phase of life as I am and are looking to straighten your smile, without a ton of office visits, I definitely encourage you to check out Motto at Aspen Dental and follow Motto Aligner’s page @MyMottoSmile to learn more about Motto Clear Aligners! 

Plus, you’ll get $149 off when you mention me to your Aspen Dental office or Smile Advisor (be sure to mention my first name and last initial – Lindsey G!) when you sign up to start treatment with the Motto Complete package. Click to schedule and for additional details. Applicable to the Motto Complete Package between 6/20 – 1/10/22. 

Wanda Lopez

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Your teeth looks great. I wished I had known about them when I had my bracers back in my teenage years. Maybe they weren't even available back then, LOL.

Alita Pacio

Friday 15th of October 2021

I love how it turned out on you. It's beautiful. Good teeth boost confidence in us and everyone deserves a good smile. Thank you Motto clear aligners!


Friday 15th of October 2021

I wish they had this option when I had my braces it would have been much easier.

Tara Pittman

Friday 15th of October 2021

These sound like a great option for my son. He wants to change the look of his teeth.