Let’s #MixItUp in March with a #Bento #Giveaway!

Here on the So Easy Being Green blog, I’m sharing one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen…

Bento Box

Create fun, bento lunches for my girls!

When I started doing bento box lunches for my girls, I asked everyone where to shop and I overwhelmingly was told BentoUSA [also known as].  After a year of bento, it’s my one-stop shop for boxes, picks, silicone cups, and of course, adorable cutters like the CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter & Press Kit!

CuteZCute Cutter.jpg

And although bento can look overwhelming, it really isn’t at all.  That’s what I love so much about the above CuteZCute cutter.  It does all the work for you and you get all the credit!

That’s what I love about bento – no matter how creative you get, bento lunches are always adorable!  If you’d doing them for yourself, it’s a great way to get motivated to eat healthier and correct portion sizes.  If you’re doing bento for your kiddos, believe me, they’ll appreciate even the smallest of details!


I’d love to say a special thank you to CuteZCute and BentoUSA for sponsoring this AMAZING bento giveaway – it’ll be a great addition to any bento stash or a perfect Starter Kit for anyone!

One lucky SEBG reader is going to win their choice of CuteZCute 2-tier Bento Box [Panda, Penguin, or Owl], a CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter & Press, and adorable food picks from BentoUSA!

Bento USA Giveaway.jpg


Now… how about that GRAND PRIZE!?!

Remember that fabulous review I just posted yesterday, with the delicious Cookie Butter Banana Shake Recipe?

Well, when we started thinking about the ULTIMAte small kitchen appliance, I could think of nothing but…

Ninja Ultima blender

The new Ninja Ultima Blender is the ultimate countertop kitchen appliance and here’s just a few reasons why:

  • The Ninja Ultima features Dual Stage Blending: 2 different blades for ultimate blending.
  • 2.5 peak Horsepower Motor/24,000 RPM [same as a counter-product, but 1/3 of the price].
  •  XL 72 oz. capacity multi-tasking Pitcher
  • Single Serve Blending – Comes with 3 single serve cups that you can blend directly in, then put on a Sip & Seal to-go lid for drinking!
  • 10 Variable Speeds with an easy-to-understand blending process.
  • All detachable parts are BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safe!

Have I convinced you that the Ninja Ultima is the ultimate small kitchen appliance yet?  It can take the place of your regular blender and food processor, while it can:  grind meats, make whole food smoothies, soups and salad dressings, grain mill, nut butter maker, ice cream maker… and many, many more!

The Ninja Ultima Blender retails for $199.00 and is available at major retailers and on


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  1. I would test out many of its capabilities with my first use. First I would throw in a few coffee beans and nuts and see how great they grind up and then i would add frozen coconut milk, and a frozen banana.
  2. I would make a smoothie. Not exciting but my current blender wont even crush ice!! So this would be awesome!!!

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