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Flip Training Pants

Flip Cloth Trainer

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When you start thinking about Potty Training, on children who are cloth diapered OR use disposables, I guarantee one of the first thoughts you have is “Should I invest in Trainers”? 

There are people out there that say they are a waste of money, and I actually use to think they were myself.  I remember seeing children in disposable Trainers thinking what a waste!  The kids were treating them like diapers and they are a lot more expensive than a regular disposable diaper!

Well, I learned why Trainers are a valuable Potty Training tool when we started going out and Sophia was wanting to potty in public.  It’s a real challenge to put a diaper on a child who doesn’t want to stand still, in a TINY bathroom stall, all while you’re continually saying “don’t touch anything“!!! 

That’s when I decided that we should have a few Trainers to make the process a bit easier and would make Sophia feel like a big girl wearing panties instead of diapers.  We’ve really had a lot of success with the big girl mentality and reassurance.

One of the Cloth Training Pants that I was really intrigued to try was the Flip Hybrid Training Pants system.  It’s quite a unique product in that the initial package comes with 1 Outer Shell which is waterproof and 5 inserts.  It’s also a One-Size system, which is also pretty unique in the Training Pants category.

This system is really similar to the Flips Hybrid Cloth Diaper system.  So, I was totally comfortable with how it worked.  Now, here’s the lowdown on how it worked for us:

It’s a great system, in theory.  Essentially Cotton Babies is giving you 5 Trainers in 1 because, just as the Flips Cloth Diaper system, if an insert gets wet, you just replace it. 

This would be great if your child is barely peeing in it, but believe me, it doesn’t work well if they just let it go!  Sophia fell asleep in this system and woke up to a flooded couch, pants, Trainers, everything… It was bad.

After this happened, I actually read that Cotton Babies suggest you add a Flips disposable insert with the organic for nighttime too!

With that being said, I love the Flips system when we’re out in public because she knows not to pee in it, but if she doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time, we’ve got something more absorbent than her cotton panties on. 

The fit of the Trainer is perfect.  We’re on the smallest setting and it’s not tight on her at all and she can pull it down with ease. 

I have only 2 complaints about the inserts… one, they’re organic so it takes forever to prep them {although I like organic products OBVIOUSLY, I hate prepping them…} and the second is once the inserts are prepped they shrink a bit.  I wish they were a bit wider in the shell. 

They move around for this reason too.  Although they have the Hook & Loop to help them attach in the shell, which does help, they are too skinny to stay put, I think.

Final Thoughts:  This is a great system for children who are already doing well at Potty Training.  The shell is waterproof so the worry of leaking is a bit less than with a cotton trainer, and it’s a one-size system so it will be great to keep for future children!

Buy It:  You can purchase the Flips Training System on Amazon for $19.95. 

Shannon Stubbs

Saturday 31st of March 2012

I would get some Lil Joey's newborn diapers.


Saturday 31st of March 2012

I'd get the Best Bottom One Size Diaper

naomi c

Saturday 31st of March 2012

i would get a thirstys duo

Sarah H

Saturday 31st of March 2012

The applecheeks!


Friday 30th of March 2012

a tots bots easy fit diaper!