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EcoPosh Training Pants

Today I’m sharing with you another Trainer that I was excited to try, but a totally different style than yesterday’s Flip waterproof option.  The EcoPosh Recycled Organic Trainer. 

The fun thing about the EcoPosh products is that they’re made out of recycled water bottles… along with some Organic Cotton and Bamboo, which make them super absorbent!

We were sent an EcoPosh Trainer in Love, size Medium from Kissed By the Moon.  This trainer is already soft when you get it, but after prepping it, it’s even softer. 

But it does take a while to prep it! Since it’s the organic cotton blend, I prepped in at least 5 washes before I ever put it on Sophia. I think it’s gotten a bit more absorbent even after that. 

You will notice that the EcoPosh line, not just these Trainers, all look very worn after just prepping.  It doesn’t affect function, but would affect re-sale value if ever plan to sell your diapers/Trainers after using them.

This Trainer is described as ” The training pants have 2 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton in the core along with a hidden panel of biodegradable TPU, which is waterproof and allows for accidents without a big upset.”  I haven’t found this to be the case. 

Each time Sophia has had an accident in this trainer, it has always gotten wet on the outside. Although it’s usually just a small amount that’s wet on the outer layer, it does still get wet. For that reason, I usually don’t put this Trainer on Sophia under clothes or use it when we’re outside of the house.

The EcoPosh Trainer comes in 3 different sizes and 5 different colors. I requested a size Medium for this review because I had purchased a Small trainer and although it fits her well, it’s too tight for her to be able to pull down on her own. 

Sophia weighs about 25 lbs, so by the Size Chart, she should be at the low end of a Small, but I find the Medium fit better for her for 2 reasons: She can pull it down on her own and there’s a bit of extra room to stuff the trainer with a prefold or hemp insert for extra absorbency at nap or nighttime.

I also think they shrink during the Prepping process, which may account for the tightness.

Eco Posh Cloth Trainer

Even with that, this trainer is one of my favorites.  It’s quite affordable, it’s super duper trim, and is so much like real underwear for Sophia!  Once she starts peeing less at night, it will definitely be our go-to nighttime Trainer.

Final Thoughts:  I really love this Trainer.  It’s super soft and quite absorbent, especially when paired with a small prefold.  It’s a great Trainer for around the house and for naptime options!

Buy It:  You can purchase EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants

Jen B

Friday 30th of March 2012

I'd pick Ginger

Lolli S

Thursday 29th of March 2012

I would choose Love!

Beth R

Wednesday 28th of March 2012

I would choose bamboo beth.rees333 at gmail dot com


Wednesday 28th of March 2012

i love the ginger!


Wednesday 28th of March 2012

I would choose 'Love' (pink) for my LO.