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Let’s Go Potty w/ help from the Looster Booster Potty Stool

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When I decided to move Sophia from the little potty in the middle of the living room floor to the regular toilet with a potty seat, we had a few problems. Obviously it was harder for her to take a break from playing to go all the way down the hall to potty. 

She had been simply going to potty in the middle of playing and could still keep her toys in sight.  This was a big thing to overcome, but we did it.

The next big challenge was the fact that the toilet is high. She had to use a stool to climb up, but because she’s so little, she needed a special potty stool. She climbs up, then has to turn around and then sit down. Try doing that with a tiny stool like you find in the “potty training needs” aisle at Walmart. They’re all so small and extremely un-steady. 

We weren’t able to find any stools that fit all the criteria that we needed for a Potty Stool… sturdy, large enough for her to be able to turn around on, and tall enough… until we received the Looster Booster from Little Looster!

I love, love, love this Potty Training tool and if there’s only one thing that you need to buy to help your child potty train, this is it!

Monica, the Mom behind this genius product, has made such a wonderful stool and let me tell you why.  It’s tall, super sturdy, and wide! Right now, since Sophia is still having to climb up on the potty, we keep the stool scooted out from the base a bit more than it’s meant to be. 

But, when your child is a little more steady about using a regular potty, the Looster Booster is designed to scoot back against the base which – get this – is designed so that adults don’t have to move the stool to use the bathroom!


The Looster Booster is also designed to give little ones the confidence in using a regular size potty because their feet no longer dangle but can sit on the stool comfortably!

Final Thoughts:  This stool increased Sophia’s confidence of using a big potty.  She doesn’t have any fear of falling and can completely get up and down on it with no help from me, which is a huge help since I have an infant in the house too!  The Looster Booster is made in the US and will be sticking around our household for a long time!

Buy It:  You can purchase the Looster Booster on


Saturday 31st of March 2012

My daughter is just beginning to potty train but oddly she prefers to do #2 in the big potty instead of her little potty. She's pretty good at balancing on the big potty but of course she can't get up there by herself, so this would be the perfect thing for her!

Sarah Carroll

Thursday 29th of March 2012

I know it would be wonderful. I have potty trained before, and having a stool help the child feel more secure and safe.

Beth R

Wednesday 28th of March 2012

These would be great since my little one can't see below him as he gets off the potty and this would help so he doesn't miss the small stool we have. beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

Lolli S

Wednesday 28th of March 2012

I think the Little Looster is great because toilets aren't built for kids to be able to use, so having the Looster would make it so they could use the potty on their own!


Wednesday 28th of March 2012

I learned that it was created by a mom who potty trained her 3 children. She wanted to offer them 'support, confidence and comfort while on the loo, and wanted to create a product that would not be in the way for adult use, easily cleaned and space saving''. It's a really clever concept!