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Latest in Eczema Prevention and Treatment from Eucerin® Baby

Did you know that up to 20% of children globally suffer from atopic dermatitis—more commonly known as Eczema?

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That fact is absolutely astounding. I really never knew anything about Eczema until I had my girls. I never had any patches or flare ups of my own, but Sophia started having them as a little baby.  

Luckily, I have a friend who works in Dermatology and she told me to use, what I like to refer to as my fool-proof Eczema Treatment Strategy. The combination that includes Aquaphor Healing Ointment usually takes care of flare ups in no time.

Recently Eucerin® gave me the opportunity to try their 3 newest products in the Eucerin® Baby line…

Eucerin Baby

The Cleansing Relief Body Wash and Eczema Relief Body Creme are the perfect combination for keeping flare ups at bay.  They are both super gentle and perfect to use every single day – during flare ups or while the eczema lies dormant.

The 3rd product, Eczema Relief Instant Therapy Creme has a unique formula with natural oatmeal that helps to calm your child’s skin with a mild cooling sensation.

Eucerin Collage

We have been using all 3 products over the past 2 weeks. I’ve been using a combination of the Body Wash and Body Creme on both girls. As they are both extremely gentle, Dermatologist recommended, Soap, Fragrance, and Dye Free I have no worries about using them so often.

Eucerin Baby Body Wash

I have really noticed that both of the girls’ skin has been so much less dry, even with these super cold spells we’ve been experiencing in east Tennessee. The Body Wash is a clear wash that actually lathers up nicely and I love the consistency of the Body Creme. It’s thick, but rubs in so well on their gentle skin!

While many children can “grow-out” of the symptoms of eczema, it can be a long-lasting, difficult condition to watch your child suffer through! When I see the girls with patches of dry skin on their legs, I know that I have to combat their eczema daily – NOT just when I see flare ups coming.  

By choosing a gentle, fragrance and dye free Body Wash, I know I’m helping to prevent those episodes!

Baby Eczema Tips

The new line of Eucerin® Baby products are available in stores now.  You can find them at your favorite Eucerin retailer and even online at