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Knickernappies Custom Fit Diaper

Knickernappies cloth diapers are a pocket cloth diaper that is easy to use on any age baby or toddler. Check out this Knickernappies review for more information on this type of cloth diaper.

baby wearing knickernappies diaper

This Knickernappies review was published in 2011. The name has since been purchased and used on a different type of cloth diaper. While the name is the same, the review is not for the newest version of the diaper.

It’s no secret that I love cloth diapers. Ok, so I may be just a tad addicted, but really, what cloth diaperin’ mama isn’t!?  When I began to think about using cloth, the only kind I knew about were the Gerber prefolds and rubber pants that are sold at Walmart.

Little did I know, my initial, innocent research into this subject wound up giving me a new hobby!

We already have a Knickernappies one size cloth diaper in our stash that we love. The side snaps on their diapers are unique and really give a trim fit.The only issue that I have with this diaper (and pretty much all other One-Size diapers) is the bulkiness in the front where the diaper snaps down to make it larger/smaller.

This is the main reason that I love the Custom Fit! It fits exactly the same way as my One Size, but with no bulkiness in the front!

One issue that I have with most cloth diapers is that they tend to run small. Sophia is getting ready to move up to the largest rise on her BGs, which concerns me that they definitely will not last until potty training. 

How are the Knickernappies on size?

baby wearing knickernappies cloth diaper

The Knickernappies OS is still snapped at it’s smallest setting… and look at the great fit of the Custom Fit diaper… no bulkiness at all!

I have no doubt that my Knickernappes one size diaper will last through potty training and that when she outgrows the Medium Custom Fit (which will be awhile…) a Large will definitely fit until then, as well.

cloth diaper size and rise comparison on baby

Here’s a great comparison of the rise and how cloth diapers fit Sophia right now, compared to the Knickernappies diaper.

Why I Love the Knickernappies Custom Fit Diaper:  I’ve mentioned the trimness, but it’s extremely important to us, CD mamas. I also love the colors they offer in this diaper. 

Another unique feature of this diaper is the fact there is elastic at the back and the front of the diaper to make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to… inside of the diaper.

Amber Ludwig

Monday 2nd of May 2016

Ooh!! Love the lack of bulkiness!! So fabulous!! Love the fabulous fit!!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

Cloth diapers are so cute


Sunday 13th of February 2011

Trying to completely switch, thanks for the chance!

Marni's Organized Mess

Sunday 13th of February 2011

I can't wait to hear the winner!! :D

Heather J

Saturday 12th of February 2011

I love CDing and this is a great product for a giveaway.