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Kids Rainbow Sushi Recipes + Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen

Rainbow foods are on trend right now and rainbow sushi happens to be one of my favorites! There’s no need to leave the kiddos out – make these fun kids rainbow sushi recipes today.


This post featuring kids rainbow sushi recipes was inspired by the luxury play kitchen, the Grand Luxe Kitchen from Step2, which I was sent in exchange for my review and honest opinion. I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. This post may contain affiliate links.

I have to admit that I’m usually a few months behind most trends, but this food trend is one that I’m jumping on so fast because… rainbows! I can get behind any trend that involves all the colors of the rainbow and rainbow sushi is one of the latest to follow suit. These sushi recipes aren’t what you’ll find in a fancy restaurant, but you will find them being rolled in one of the most luxurious play kitchens I’ve ever seen!


The Grand Luxe Kitchen is the newest play kitchen from Step2. The features are absolutely amazing and not to mention the fact that it’s way more luxurious than my own kitchen.

From working lights in the refrigerator and oven, to the farmhouse sink featuring a brushed nickel faucet, this play kitchen glows with luxury at every glance, which is the exact reason why I thought Moreaya should be rolling fancy rainbow sushi on it’s granite-look countertop!


This isn’t our first attempt at a fun sushi recipe. A few years ago I made this yummy toddler sushi with bananas, peanut butter, and crispy cereal. It’s been a favorite snack of both girls over the years and I have a feeling the new rainbow versions will be too!

We made 3 different versions of rainbow sushi relatively fast and easy. The first was a banana covered with vanilla icing and rolled in Fruity Pebbles. Although Moreaya claimed it super delicious and it definitely fit the rainbow bill, I can say that peanut butter sticks to bananas way better than icing.

But nothing beats those colorful Fruity Pebbles on the outside!


The next version we made [and LOVED!] was a Fairy Bread Sushi. Fairy bread is often made with white bread, butter, and sprinkles. We replaced the butter with vanilla icing and rolled our fair bread up.

This one was SO easy that Moreaya could make it all by herself. She was ecstatic that she was making something to eat that contained both icing and sprinkles and it wasn’t even someone’s birthday!


The last type of rainbow sushi we rolled was perhaps a little more work, but oh so worth the delicious, chewy outcome. We made a small pan of Rice Crispy Treats that we rolled out as thin as possible.

Then, place a fun colorful candy like rainbow colored twizzlers in the middle. Roll it up and wrap with a fruit roll-up and you have one of the brightest sushi rolls around!


While you and your child can craft up some rainbow sushi rolls anywhere, it’s even more fun when you’re rolling in front of that adorable subway tile backsplash of the Grand Luxe Kitchen.

I’ve honestly been waiting MONTHS to bring the kitchen into our home because I completely fell in love with the concept during last year’s Step2 Headquarters trip and then again this year on my Toy Factory Tour when we finally saw the kitchen made it to production.


At first glance, you can tell this play kitchen is different, but when you your kids really start exploring, you’ll find a ton of fun extras! You can read the full product description at Toys ‘R Us, where this kitchen is a TRU exclusive, but here are a few of my my girls’ favorite features:

  • Electronics. I know so many parents don’t like electronics on toys, but these are super cool. A light that glows in the refrigerator and oven. A popcorn popper and blender that whirs and spins when placed on the stovetop burner. Just super cool, interactive features that bring this kitchen up a notch in the imaginative play department.
  • Farmhouse sink. My girls couldn’t WAIT to get that adorable spout style faucet installed and I don’t blame them.
  • Play Food. This play food is probably the best quality I’ve ever seen come with a play kitchen. They love the fact that it’s held together with hook and loop so they can pretend to chop the veggies and fruit with their knife and cutting board.
  • Keurig-style coffemaker. Our previous play kitchens have only included a coffee pot and we’ve had a Keurig in our home for quite a few years now. Moreaya loves to help me make my real cup of coffee, so when she saw the pods with her new kitchen, she was quite excited!

There’s plenty of storage, extras, and play space available in this kitchen. I’ve seen a few of my fellow bloggers that have had as many as 4 children playing side by side. My girls have plenty of space and features to keep them busily cooking without fighting for space or accessories.


While the price point of this luxury play kitchen puts it at the top of the Step2 play kitchen list, it’s well worth it, in my opinion. It’s a play kitchen that will literally grow with every single one of your children and since it is nicer than my own kitchen, is one that you don’t have to tuck away and hide in a playroom. If you have space in your own kitchen, I can imagine that this would be an adorable addition to let your children cook alongside you!

Make sure to get your kiddos creative in the kitchen by making my easy versions of Rainbow Sushi!


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