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Kiddy USA

Are you ready to see what Moreaya has been strolling around in – in style too?!  We have been taking our KiddyUSA City ‘n Move with us everywhere lately – although with the girls being sick, we haven’t got to use it quite as much as I’m ready to.  As soon as these girls get healthy, we’re hitting up Dollywood with it!

You may have heard of the Kiddy brand before.  They are a worldwide brand based in Germany and are just making it over to the US with their innovative Car Seats and Strollers.  The City ‘n Move was just released this Fall and touts to be a lightweight stroller with a sporty and stylish design that is comfortable for parents and easy to maneuver.  But is it?  Well, you should read my stroller review, but if you want the quick answer… YES!

When the City ‘n Move arrived, it looked exactly like this out of the box.  It was folded a little more compact because all of the parts weren’t on, so some assembly is required.  The instructions were unlike any that I’ve seen before.  There were written instructions, but the pictures {pictured above} were so super helpful.  There was no guessing as to what a part was when it was pictured for me.  I loved this!  In all the assembly probably took me about 20-25 minutes.

The City ‘n Move comes in 7 super fun colors and we were sent the beautiful Cranberry.  It really is a darker Maroon than some of the pictures show.  The stroller itself weighs about 21lbs and will accommodate children up to 55 lbs and is appropriate for children ages 6 months and up {sooner with the car seat adapters}!

Once assembled, I wanted to see how to open and collapse the stroller.  It’s really rather easy and acts just like any other umbrella stroller, since it collapses on itself both ways.  The top left picture shows a handy little arm clip with the Kiddy logo.  This clip automatically catches when you’re collapsing the stroller for an easy lock system and easily lifts to unlock.  Next you pull up on the handle to unfold the stroller.  The last step is to lock the frame, which you do with your foot at the bottom of the stroller.  It’s a very fast process that could probably be done with one hand… after a bit of practice!

The wheels are not only stylish on the City ‘n Move, but also super functional.  The first picture is of the back wheels, which contain a locking mechanism.  By pushing the lock on one wheel, you lock both – saving time and extra safety.  The front wheels can also be locked into a fixed position or unlocked so they will swivel and maneuver more easily.

Probably one of my favorite features {other than the cupholder – I love a stroller with a cupholder and one that’s as sleek and lightweight as this one could have easily foregone that accessory, but Kiddy included it!} is the ability to put infant car seats on the KiddyUSA City ‘n Move!  Moreaya isn’t in an infant seat anymore, but we do plan on having at least one more baby so this feature is definitely a major one.  It will hold Chicco, Graco, Peg and Maxi Cosi infant carriers.

Each City ‘n Move Stroller comes with the docking stations, pictured below.  They easily slide onto the frame of the stroller.  To make your car seat attach, though, you do need to purchase the adapters that are sold separately.  I really wish that these were just included with the stroller instead of having to purchase as well.

When you see other lightweight strollers and umbrella strollers, they’ve often been designed to be as easy to fold up and leave off all the much-needed accessories and style – not true with the City ‘n Move and I think that’s what really sets this stroller apart from the competition.

Going through some of the most notable features from Left-Right, Top-Bottom:

The lap bar easily snaps on the stroller frame and has a zip cover for easy removal for spot cleaning.  The basket underneath the stroller can hold up to 11 lbs.  The foot rest panel easily goes up and down with levers on the side for adjustment for small-large riders.  The grips on the handlebars of the City ‘n Move are super padded and comfy, the design seems to be really comfortable and the stroller comes up tall so you don’t have to bend down to push.  The Sun Cover easily snaps on the frame as well and contains a SPF 80.  I was AMAZED at how far this cover would come down over the stroller.  Lastly, the strap pads are very thick and comfy for your little one!

Another couple of features that you don’t see in the pictures above – the sides of the stroller are mesh – allowing great air flow around your child.  I also love the ease of the handle to recline the seat.  It’s easily done with one hand and the seat reclines quite a bit to make the stroller more comfortable for your child while they’re resting.


Above you can see the storage basket underneath the stroller.  It isn’t a huge space, but let’s face it, any space is better than none at all.  It also seems to be blocked by the crossing frame, but there is a side zipper for access into the storage which is much easier than trying to pull things in and over the frame.  Although it won’t hold a diaper bag, you can definitely fit quite a bit in the basket.  Speaking of diaper bags – KiddyUSA says that you can sling a diaper bag across the back of the two handles and it won’t fall over – even with no child inside the stroller!

The City ‘n Move doesn’t fold completely flat, but look how small it does get!  Because of it’s ability to fold both ways and collapse on itself, it’s considered an umbrella stroller.  Honestly, I feel like it performs more like a standard stroller – especially with all of the great features and “extras” – so you’re essentially getting the best of both types with the City ‘N Move!  This is a great stroller for anyone who might need something to take up less space than a traditional stroller – without giving up some of those awesome features!

This stroller is also certified and recommended by the Forum of Healthy Back-Better Living and German Back Schools.

Buy It:  The KiddyUSA City ‘n Move Stroller retails for $219.99 and is available at a variety of retailers.  You can connect with the brand, KiddyUSA on Facebook and Twitter.


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