Just Like Mommy: Stylin’ in Our Original Muck Boots


Sophia and I were recently sent our very own pair of boots {for free to share with you}.  These aren’t just any boots, either.  They are from The Original Muck Boot Company and let me tell you, they are quickly becoming both of our favorites now that the weather is turning cooler!


The first time I wore my boots, I didn’t even put socks on.  I was just going to try them out, see how they felt.  The weather is cool here in east Tennessee now, so I felt like it was the perfect time to test out just how the Muck Boots would feel and how warm they would keep my feet.  Um, can you say TOASTY!?  These boots are going to be absolutely perfect for Winter!


I hadn’t bought Sophia any Winter boots yet and I’m certainly glad because I know there wouldn’t be any others that would work as well for her as the Kids’ Hale boots from Muck Boots.  They’re designed just like the adult version, but for feet that are a bit smaller!


They are waterproof, fit snugly around her calf to keep warm air in and cool out, and I absolutely love the Diamond Tread that wraps all around the bottom of the boot.  The design is supposed to help keep mud out of the bottom of the boots – how wonderful is that?  I’m going to love these boots when the snow does come, IF it comes to us in East Tennessee this year.  Sophia will also be wearing them when we visit the Pumpkin Patch soon because it is always so muddy!  I am LOVING the fact that these will stay cleaner and if they do get dirty, I can just take water to them to clean them off!


The same goes for my boots.  Sometimes I feel like I have to treat shoes so delicately because they’re difficult to clean, so I’m going to love to throw these on when we’re working outside in the cooler months.  The women’s Artic Weekend Muck Boots come in a variety of colors and even a few prints.  Although I wouldn’t normally choose a bright purple like the ones above, they are fun!


The Women’s Artic Weekend Muck Boots retail for $134.95.  I see these boots being a complete staple in my closet and lasting a long time.  They seem very durable and look like I’ll be able to totally put them through the ringer for years to come!

The Kids’ Hale Boots are mini replicas of the adult version, and priced at $64.95.  These will definitely last through both of my girls!


And it’ll be a blink of the eye before Sophia can rock my boots!

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  1. These are SO cute! I had never heard of this brand before. LOVE the adorable prints/color combos, too! They look super comfy and warm!
  2. You guys look so cute in your boots! I love that they aren't just waterproof but also keep your feet warm, they are like a all in one rain, snow and mud boot! Thanks for the review!
  3. Love the photos...nothing better than a Momma and her daughter posing and modeling the Muck Boots! I hope I get to do the same with my daughter;)
  4. I also like the insulated rain boots. It is so hard to find boots that last more than a season before cracking, but these look like they'd do the job!
  5. Boots that don't track in mud??? Now that is amazing. Great pictures. Love how cute they look on your little girl. My daughter has been begging me to buy her boots, and the Muck choices look very practical! Great Review.
  6. thank you for the review and sharing the photos - love the shot of your daughter trying on your boots. They certainly go waaaaay up
  7. The Purple color is great. It can get to minus twenty below here in Colorado so they will keep my feet toasty all winter long. Thanks for the review.
  8. The more reviews I read about these boots is making me want a pair. Wish I had the money to get some. Awesome colors you chose. Thanks for the awesome review!!!
  9. We all could use boots like this. Too bad that they don't make them in infant sizes just so we'd all have matching boots!
  10. In addition to the insulation and waterproof properties of these boots I L-O-V-E *love* that the top portion is neoprene and stretchy. My chubby little legs would be stretching the shaft to the limit :). These would be great for the leftover outdoor work we still have to do in the garden before it snows.
  11. These boots look so awesome! I love the Diamond Tread feature on the kids' boots-anything that cuts back on the amount of mud and dirt that's tracked into the house is a plus!
  12. Awesome review about these boots and this giveaway above! Thank you! I live in WI, so these would be such an asset!!
  13. I love them. would get a pair for my grandaughter who wears an adult size geeesh and a pair for my grandson :) I love them great review
  14. Grandboy Nathan (almost 6) thinks puddles are for stomping but he hates being wet. Muck Boots are just what he needs! I'd love them for myself too, for rainy days and wet mornings.
  15. Ive never seen these boots before or heard of the company. They look great. Love the pics and all the different styles.
  16. I have to say that these boots rock & the best part for gals like me is that they fit wide calves. I'm a bigger gal & have always had muscular calves so finding good boots that fit without having to go to men's is really nice.
  17. Wow oh wow! I can't believe they keep your feet warm even up to -20! Where were these when I lived in Montana! Not to mention they are a great looking boot!
  18. I LOVE that they can just be hosed off when they get muddy - exactly what I need for the schizophrenic weather we have in northern Michigan!
  19. I'd love these boots for working out in the yard & I wouldn't have to worry about mine or my daughter's feet getting all muddy :)
  20. These are some of the cutest boots for kids and adults I have ever seen! I would love to have a pair for me and my daughter both :) I love that they look so high-quality and comfortable!
  21. i think these are great very durable and super fashionable at the same time! and the fact that you and your kiddo can rock out with these great boots together is simply awesome!
  22. I love these boots and I am really hoping to win some for me and my son. My son is 5 and these boots look like they will be easy for him to put on and off. These boots are very stylish and I am sure very comfortable. Thank you for the chance.
  23. I like the Breezy Boot... a little smaller than the Artic but still a great boot. Not sure what my great niece or great nephew would like yet :)
  24. I love the 'Breezy Tall' for myself and my little guy loves the kid 'Rover.' These look like very well made and durable boots!
  25. I have been wanting a pair of Muck Boots for a while. I worked on a whale watching boat on the East Coast for several summers, and these would have come in handy on those rainy days on the boat. It is hard to find something that is totally waterproof and still comfortable.
  26. These look amazing I would love to wear them at the stables it get so wet and muddy . They are nice looking I love the styles they come in and all the different designs and colors too.
  27. Looking forward to your review. We like the Kids' Rugged, the red ones :p As for me, I'd loooove the Arctic Weekend ones to match in red :)
  28. It will be great to see what boots you end up being able to review! I love all the colors they have and that they offer cute patterns in the rain boots which are my fav!
  29. can't wait for your review. so excited for this giveaway, these are my dream boots for me and my little man! He definitely needs boots for this winter still, too. And, it gets cold here in Vermont!
  30. These look great. My grandchildren would love to look just like mommy! A good pair of boots is a must. Thanks for the review.
  31. I live in a Cold weather climate and these boots would keep my feet warm. These are stylish and look so comfortable to wear. I like that they these boots can keep my feet warm to -20 degree Fahrenheit! I also will not have to worry about slipping on snow and ice with these boots because they will keep me from slipping and that they are made with Neoprene!
  32. I like the Rugged for my son and the Arctic Adventure for me! We live in -40 half of the year, so we'd love warmer (drier) tootsies!
  33. I have looked at these boots before... looks like great quality and stylish ones. These would be a welcome addition to the closet for this winter!
  34. I would love to win the Muck boots for my daughter and my granddaughter, they live in temperatures that always get below 0 degrees through most of the winter. I love so much about these boots- the style, the colors, the fleece liner, the rubber soles...I'm so glad I have been introduced to these boots!
  35. I like the Artic Adventure, casual, all purpose winter boots in white swirl for myself and Kids Hale in black/hot pink for my little one
  36. I've been wanting a pair of Muck boots for awhile now- my boyfriend and I are both avid hunters and they make a great selection of outdoor sporting boots. Living in Northern Wisconsin having a good boot makes or breaks or day when youre out in the woods!
  37. I have been hearing some great things about these boots - they are super cute, too! Can't wait to read what you have to say about them. :)

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