It’s here! Organization Makes Cloth Diaper Laundry Easy

Ok, so the event hasn’t technically started, but I just can’t contain my excitement!  It’s my first major blog event and I am bursting at the seams to share with you all the information (and definitely the giveaways) that I’ve compiled to help you make doing Fluffy Laundry even easier!

Everyday of the event, I’ll be sharing a tip and a review (and most often a giveaway) of some sort of laundry item, that can be used with cloth diapers.

Cloth Diaper Laundry

Doing cloth diaper laundry is definitely my favorite household chore.  I just love pulling my inserts out of the dryer and stuffing those pockets… because they are so cute and colorful.  It’s also a type of laundry that I can do in the floor, which gets Sophia involved!

Laundry Setup:  I definitely believe if your Laundry Room/Area is well organized, doing cloth diaper (or any type) laundry will go much quicker and easier.  Here’s a picture of my setup…

Laundry Room Organized

My Wash Routine:  Before this event, I always made my own cloth diaper detergent (I use this recipe).  I will probably continue to do so, but I’ve found such great detergents through my upcoming reviews that I will just have to splurge sometimes!  My detergent has always performed just fine, but it did take a bit of tweaking, to find out how much to use with my particular front loading machine.

  • Quick Wash on Warm/Warm (my washer doesn’t have the option of Warm Rinse only)
  • Normal Wash on Warm/Warm with 2 tbsp of detergent
  • Normal Wash on Warm/Cold with 2 tbsp of detergent + Extra Rinse

That’s it!  It’s worked great for us for about 8 months now.

Drying:  I always line dry my covers on my drying rack, outside on warm days… inside on cold.  When it’s warm outside, I love to line dry inserts too!

Diaper Changing Setup:  It really helps me to keep my changing area (yes, we change diapers in the same area) organized also.

Changing Table

Cloth Diapers

How about you?  What’s your wash routine?  Do you line dry or tumble dry?  Is your laundry room/changing area organized or all over the place?  I want this event to be interactive, so jump right in!

Also, if you have any questions (or any arise), please leave them in the comments.  If I don’t know the answer, I will contact any of my helpful sponsors and will definitely get the answer for you!  Don’t forget to come back everyday during the event, starting tomorrow for giveaways galore!  Think… LOTS of CD safe laundry detergents, wetbag, pail liner, pail powder, DIY projects, and a fluffy giveaway to end the event!

Happy Laundry Day!

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