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DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

If you are planning a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party, you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll find party decoration ideas, food, and party games for your little Mousketeer!

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One of my favorite things to do is plan my girls’ birthday parties. I always let them pick the themes and I just love pulling together ideas, party decorations, food, and colors for what they choose.

I love every bit of it – especially the prep leading up to the party. For that reason, I like doing as much of the work myself as possible. I think it is more fun to stick to a color theme and make my own decorations than buy character plates and signs and plastic party favors. It’s also easier on the party budget!

cupcake with blue icing with sophia name on mickey mouse birthday printable

If you’re planning a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for a toddler and you like putting a party together too – you’re in luck because I had the best time throwing this party! It was bright, colorful, and a huge hit with all the little and even big kids in attendance!

DIY Mickey Mouse Decorations

The first thing to start thinking about when you’re planning a party is decorations!

collage of Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations photos

While you can buy a ton of Mickey Mouse Party Decorations at party stores or even online, I prefer to make most of mine and support small business owners.

Most of my party decorations were made from printables that were purchased from Amanda’s Parties to Go on Etsy. After purchasing the large party set, I used these printables for everything – Cupcake Toppers, Centerpieces, Food Tent Labels, Game Labels, Stickers, etc.

It’s totally possible to have a super cute party on a budget, especially when you purchase something that can be used in a variety of ways!

Mickey Mouse birthday printables Centerpiece for party table

I paired the large DIY printables with some colorful paper straws and wooden dowels and a little imagination!

Expert Tip: When throwing a character birthday party [where trademarked party decorations can get expensive], focus on specific color schemes to tie the party together! And use party favors and food as decor too!

Make your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign

No Mickey Mouse party is complete without a Clubhouse sign. I made this Mickey Mouse DIY Clubhouse sign and it was super easy and a fun touch to show the little Mousketeers where the party was!

OH TWODLES Birthday Party Theme

One of the cutest twists on a Mickey party theme for a toddler that I’ve seen recently is the “Oh Twodles” Birthday Party theme. I LOVE this idea and it would be easy to incorporate that into the other DIY ideas for a Mickey party I have shared.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are just as much fun for me as planning the decorations for a party.

photo collage of mickey mouse party games and party favors

One reason is because I like to use the favors AS decorations. It’s a great way to save a bit of money on your party budget AND make your party and space look like it’s full decorated.

Mickey Mouse Ears Headbands DIY and party decor table

For our Mickey Mouse birthday party, I had themed frisbees, bubbles, and Mickey Mouse headbands. I left them sitting out, rather than in a party favor bag, for extra color and decoration!

Bubbles are my absolute go-to for ANY birthday party. Kids go crazy for bubbles and they’re CHEAP! A pack of 3 is only $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

bubbles with mickey mouse party labels

Take off the generic bubble label and tape on your party printables and you’ve got adorable party favors!

I try to stick to a color theme for my parties, so I just take the bubble containers that don’t match the party theme and put them in a closet to use for the next party – or for a great outdoor activity on a warm, summer day.

Mickey Mouse Frisbees

The blue frisbees I had were actually a free hand-out from a local bank – so my cute printables on sticker paper worked wonderfully! You can find small frisbees similar to these at Dollar Tree and I found these on Amazon.

I also searched for Mickey Mouse Ears headbands for party-goers and found some, but they were a little too far out of budget. So I got creative and DIY’ed a whole plate full!

Mickey Mouse Ear Headbands diy

I bought the cheap, 4 pack of party headbands from Dollar Tree and simply took off the decorative topper. Then, I played around with a good size of ears and finally came up with one that worked!

I outlined the black cardstock ears with a silver Sharpie and stapled them to the foil headband. This is a SUPER CHEAP party favor that the kids went wild over and they were only 25 cents for each headband and a couple pieces of black cardstock!

I put the black cardstock to more uses too! I made these cute Party Favor Bags relatively easy.

Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bags

I cut out a small Mickey Mouse and put it on the front of red paper bags [also from the Dollar Store – are you sensing a theme here?] with some blue ribbon to match the color scheme of the party – Red, Black, and Blue!

One of my favorite things that I love most about DIYing parties is because it’s fun, but also because it’s so much more personal! You can really get as elaborate as you want, but still stay with a much lower budget than you can when you’re buying character plates and toys.

Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bags and Mickey Mouse party gifts

While I love to DIY a party, I know everyone doesn’t. You can easily supplement store bought items with some great ideas for a fun and fabulous Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Not ready to DIY it all? You can find some cute Mickey Mouse Birthday Party decorations on Amazon too!

Speaking of food, that’s the next best thing about a birthday party, right!?

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Food photo collage

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas

Our Mickey Mouse Birthday Party food menu consisted mainly of snacks and sweets. Our Mickey Mouse dessert table was centered around our cupcakes, Mickey Mouse marshmallows, and colorful sodas.

Mickey Mouse marshmallow pops

These Mickey Mouse marshmallow pops are a take on my DIY Goldfish Marshmallow Pops. They are SO easy to make and adapt to any party theme.

I stored them in a mason jar with krinkled craft paper and they served as centerpieces for the tables and were readily available for party snacks!

Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Pops

To make these all you’ll need is colorful paper straws, candy melts, marshmallows, and sprinkles… you can even buy Mickey Mouse sprinkles!

Expert Marshmallow Pop Tip: Put your marshmallows on a cookie sheet in the freezer for about 10 minutes before you start. This will help them stick to your straw better.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Besides marshmallow pops, cupcakes are the next best thing to serve as Mickey Mouse themed food, right?! You can definitely get super creative with cupcakes, but I chose to go with a simple red and blue theme and use our same party printables as cupcake toppers.

Photo courtesy of

And parties are a great time to serve finger foods – these Deep Fried Oreos would be a perfect addition to an OH TWOODLES party!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Drinks
Party Drinks! Blue Cream Soda & Strawberry Crush

To go along with all those sweets, we added in some sweet soda pop. I bought colored sodas to keep with the red, blue, and black color scheme.

I removed all the labels and added in our party labels, which made the drinks fit right into the decorations! And of course I added more paper straws – I just love those things!

Along with the treats above, I had blue and red popsicles available for the kids, blue and red Pixy Sticks laying around on the tables, and blue and red Ring Pops!

Mickey Mouse Napkins

Party napkins are an easy way to add style to your party food, but character party supplies can be expensive.

I purchased polka dot napkins then wrapped them around spoons and wrapped that with blue ribbon and an ears made from black cardstock again!

Another one of my favorite party decorations happened to be the birthday girl’s candle. After I couldn’t find a cute Birthday candle to match our color theme, I made this DIY Birthday Candle to match the party theme.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

No party is complete without party games, especially a Mickey Mouse party for toddlers!

Mickey Mouse Party Games

Since my daughter was just 2, and most of her party guests were around the same age, we kept our Mickey Mouse party games pretty simple.

I came up with two party games, inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, that were perfectly suited for the toddler party-goers. I didn’t want organized games that we really had to organize, so these worked out perfect for that young toddler age group.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

The first, I named “Fish for Gooey Fish” and the kids LOVED it. It was a very, very simple game to make and really inexpensive.

I took fabric and sewed up small fish, stuffed with polyfill. I attached a small washer to their mouths by sewing it on by hand. Then we used small wooden dowels with a magnet tied to the end for our fishing rods and guests were able to “Fish for Gooey Fish!

The second game was just as easy to make and just as much fun for the kiddos. While I was sewing up those adorable stuffed fish, I did the same with a small bone pattern. Then, I purchased a bag of blue play sand and hid stuffed bones so the kiddos could “Dig for Pluto’s Bones!”

Our party was outside so it was no big deal to let the kiddos play in the sand, but if you’re having an inside party you could always get creative with your material and use things like krinkled craft paper or use kinetic sand for easier clean-up.

Mickey Mouse Party Attire

And the party wouldn’t have been possible without the Birthday Girl!

Mickey Mouse Hairbows

I perused Pinterest and Etsy for a Mickey Mouse Birthday Dress or shirt that would have been perfect, but didn’t find exactly what I wanted.

Luckily my best friend is super crafty and made this ADORABLE pillowcase dress for my girl! While she didn’t share her tutorial with me, I did find this one that you could use.

I hope you found some great ideas to throw your own fabulous Mickey Mouse Party! If you did, I’d love to hear how your party goes in a comment on this post.

This post was originally published in July 2013.

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Wednesday 15th of November 2017

Hi! I love the dress. My daughter's birthday is coming up!

Would you mind giving me an idea where to buy that exact dress?



Thursday 16th of November 2017

Thanks Melissa. My friend made it and she said it was a fairly easy project. I found this one on Etsy that's pretty similar:

Tinese Harris

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

This is so cool! I am actually in the process of doing a mickey mouse birthday party myslef! Check out what I made and tell me what you think!!!!

Lindsey G.

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

That is lovely, Tinese! So fun - thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 6th of January 2015

omg i wish i was that creative, i was wondering if you have the mickey template you did for the mickey mouse ears, i looked everywhere to buy mickey ears but they are so expensive :(.

Thank you,

Yohana Avila

Kasey G

Monday 16th of March 2015

Hi!! The party was adorableeee!!! However, where did you find the foil for the headbands?? TIA!!!

Kasey G

Monday 16th of March 2015

Hi!! The party was adorableeee!!! However, where did you find the foil for the headbands?? TIA!!!


Thursday 19th of June 2014

So cute, my son's 1st birthday might be a mickey mouse theme!

Mandi H

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

HI Lindsey. I absolutely love everything you did here. I'm planning my daughters 2nd birthday for November and would absolutely love the dress your daughter has on. Would Amy be willing to make another or supply the directions on how to make it? Thank you for all the great ideas! its such a HUGE help!

Lindsey Galvez

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

Hi Mandy! Amy has her hands quite full lately - with 3 foster children under 3! So I am not sure she'd be able to make one, but I will try my best to talk her into sharing a pattern! :)

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