Alternative to Metal Braces {and Grade School Yearbook Pictures!}

This post was inspired by partnerting with Invasaign.  This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I know one of the biggest expenses for my parents, other than my education obviously, was my orthodontics.  Apparently my mouth wasn’t quite large enough {although some of my grade school teachers would probably disagree} for all of those adult teeth I was getting!


Yep – I totally went there with a yearbook picture!

My husband was the same and wore metal braces for over two years, which leads me to believe that our girls will endure orthodontics in the future as well. 


It has me preparing for the future and reflecting on my own journey with orthodontic dental history, which lasted for FIVE years!

In 5th grade, I wore a “lip bumper” – oh my.  It was similar to a retainer that I wore on the outside of my teeth to keep my teeth from being pushed back by my lower lip?  Ummm… ok.  Whoever talked my parents into that one was a good salesman.  Then in 6th grade, I got metal braces.


I wore them for four, yes 4 years!  At first, I loved them, because I felt so cool.  Yeah, that passed quickly.  By the time that I finally got them off late in my Freshman year of high school, I was so thankful and swore I would wear my retainer every night.  That lasted, oh, 5 minutes.

When my bottom teeth started getting crooked again after college, I started contemlating getting metal braces again.  I knew I didn’t want them, but I really wasn’t sure where else to turn.  I ended up only having to get a new retainer and wore it for about 6 months, but I so wish I would have known more about Iinvisalign then! 


I can think of a million reasons why I would prefer the clear alternative to metal braces that Invisalign offers both adults and teens – same price, less time {no way I could relive those 4 years again}, less office visits, and no wires poking gums and jaws!

I know that if I ever did have to revisit orthodontics for myself, or when it comes time to start researching for the girls, I’ll be locating an Invisalign Doctor to see if it’s an option for us!

Adults and teens now have a modern choice for straightening their teeth. No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces that uses a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually move teeth over time. The benefits include no food restrictions, ability to easily maintain healthy dental brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, and teeth get straightened without most people knowing you are in treatment. Visit the Invisalign website for more information about the clear alternative to braces.

You can connect with Invisalign on Facebook and Twitter – to keep up to date with all the advances and be ready when you’re facing yours or your child’s orthodontic future!

Had you ever heard of Invisalign or know someone that’s used it? 
Did you know Invisalign was a clear alternative to braces?  Do you think it would work as well as braces?

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

  1. I had braces from 4th-6th grade, and had to wear a retainer after they were off. I had a love/hate relationship with the braces and retainer. I hated the way they looked, but loved the results. 15 years later, my Dad got Invisalign on his 60 year old teeth. I was so jealous! It took the same amount of time for his teeth to straighten and he didn't have to wear the ugly metal brackets on his teeth. Now I get to start saving money for my kiddos to get braces, at least they will be able to get Invisalign...sigh.

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