Introducing Bitybean – The Most Travel Friendly Baby Carrier I Own

When Moreaya was a newborn, I wore her constantly.  Here I was, a SAHM with a new baby and a 19 month old that didn’t like not sharing attention with her new baby sister.  Not only was I taking care of them all day, but still had to do clean, cook, and laundry – oh the laundry!

And when we went out of the house there was no possible way I could have handled both of them, at those tender ages, without babywearing.  It was my lifesaver inside and outside of the house in those early months and continues to be!


I didn’t start babywearing Sophia until she was already walking.  She’s always been a super independent child so she wasn’t totally happy hanging out on back when she could be walking, getting into everything.  Moreaya, on the other hand, was worn from very early on and she still loves it to this day.  One of my favorite times to wear her now is especially when we’re out of the house.  Whether she’s a bit lazy, or just really wants to be in my arms, she almost always asks for me to carry her.

But, she’s getting big!  So, I try to always have a baby carrier in the car, but honestly I can’t take them with us everywhere we go because even folded the most compact way I can, they’re still quite cumbersome to take along.  Until I found… Bitybean!


I have fallen quite head over heels with this Carrot Orange Bitybean carrier {that I was sent free for review} – easily the most travel friendly baby carrier I own.  I can literally fit it into my coat pocket…


I don’t carry it in my pocket often, but I can.  The reason this is so significant is because I don’t always know when Moreaya is going to want to be carried.  So being able to have our Bitybean with us at all times, no matter the space constraints is such an advantage to this carrier!


The Bitybean carrier comes in 4 fun colors:  Carrot Orange, Lime Green, Sky Blue, and Sand Gray.  It folds up easily… no magic tricks to get it back in the pouch, weighs 8 oz, and can be used with children from 3 months {head control} up to 40lbs!

It’s also super cool, which makes it a great baby carrier for Summer months and when you’ll be in shallow water as the polyester and nylon fabrics dry quickly.


The reason the carrier is so small is because it does lack the super padding that a lot of carriers have.  For that reason, I won’t be selling off my other carriers any time soon, but will definitely carry the Bitybean along when we’re traveling!  Although the carrier doesn’t have as much padding, once you get a good fit and have all the straps pulled snugly, it’s actually quite comfortable in both the front and back carries.


Bitybean offers detailed instructions on how to wear your baby in both the front and back carry options.

At only $54, Bitybean is priced just right to be an add-on carrier to any babywearing stash {large or small}.  To me, it is totally worth the price tag knowing that I always have a carrier available when Moreaya gets just a bit too heavy to carry – or I want my hands free while still keeping her close!

You can connect with Bitybean, a Vermont based babywearing company, on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. I would LOVE one of these for when my daughter is older. I imagine there will be times when she wants to walk on her own, but still want to be carried. This would be perfect for those days so we don't have to lug around a toddler ssc or a wrap.
  2. I'm in love with the price and color options but I'm really glad you brought up the lack of padding. I don't have a ssc so I guess I need to really research before I buy!
    1. Yes, this carrier really isn't my favorite option for a One-All, the only carrier you'll have. It's PERFECT for Travel and when you need to take something along!
  3. I have been desperately searching for a folding/travel size carrier! I love that it can be folded up and go right into the diaper bag or your purse. The fact that it's cool for warmer months is a huge plus; my youngest gets so hot in our Boba in the summer. I also love that this can get wet and it'll dry quickly! I am so thankful for this review; I've been searching for a carrier like this and was unsure about it until seeing/reading this! It looks incredible!
  4. I love how trim the carrier is and how cool it should be in the summer months. It gets quite hot here in the summer and it's tough to baby wear though the entire year given the heat. A cooler option for summer would be great!
  5. I had never seen this carrier before. Great review and photos. So cool that it rolls up small like that, perfect for travel I'm sure. Bet it would be so useful in an airport!
  6. This looks so awesome! Love that it packs up super tiny - perfect for those times when you little one wants to walk and runs out of steam!
  7. This would be wonderful when traveling when you need to get through the airport, but don't want to lug any extra stuff along! This would be a great carrier to keep in the car, as well. You never know when you are going to have one of those toddler melt down moments when being in a carrier will help tremendously!
  8. I was always interested in a water wrap or carrier for when my babes were tiny and I felt unsafe just holding them in water. Babies can be slippery lol.
  9. Too many great things to list about this carrier, but I must admit, my favorite thing is their name. So cute and so appropriate! The convenience of it seems too good to be true, but your review made a believer out of me!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)
  10. Wow - I'm so impressed with how light this carrier is - and how inexpensive it is! I have a petite frame, so the lightness factor is an important one. At the same time, it looks looks like it will still hold up well.
  11. I like how lightweight and small this is. this would be the perfect "keep in the truck in case" carrier! i love my ergo padding though. comfy for long carries
  12. I absolutely love how compact this carrier is. I had an Eddie Bauer carrier that I had to carry around fully open and hanging all over the place. It was a huge pain in the butt! I also love how comfortable this looks for both momma and baby. Great review! Thanks!
  13. Oh! I love how you can use this in the water and how tiny it becomes for storage! Perfect for the swimming pool bag!
  14. So shocked by how compact this can get! I would love to just tote this around in my diaper bag without it taking up so much room!
  15. Wow! I never knew it folded to be that small and is useable in water. I love the bright colors too! I think I may be rethinking my final decision on what carrier I'd like more! Very nice pictures showing the comparison to a can of soda. I'm still in shock!
  16. Just discovered these carriers and have one on my wishlist. Even hubby loves it! The price point is fantastic and having a SMALL and PORTABLE carrier wherever you are is a major plus. Long-time follower of your blog on virtually every social media platform for your beauty and honest opinions on products that interest me and my family. Thank you for all you do mama!!!!
  17. I LOVE how small is folds up so that it makes it easy for you to take anywhere just in case your little ones legs get too tired to move on. I also love the price. It looks like a very nice carrier that you can wear in 2 different ways and looks comfortable for both baby and wearer for a great price.
  18. The small size of this is amazing. My wrap - especially my long one - takes up so much room in the diaper bag. It's even worse when I'm out with someone else and bring two slings for two kids.
  19. i LOVE this! a carrier that you can use in the water and that is small and lightweight? Hello Florida summers!!!
  20. So useful! Stuffing carriers in my bag is always a pain and for travel on an airplane this would be HUGE. So great!
  21. There are so many carriers out there! I've never heard of this one before! I've gotta say, though...I love how it folds up so small. I hate carrying a huge bag of stuff with me, so that would be SO awesome. Yet another thing for me to look into! :-)
  22. My 3 month old loves being held. No matter where we are. I was introduced to babywearing and have been reading different reviews. I LOVE how compact this can get. I'm not a fan of big diaper bags, so this is perfect! I hope I can win, if not, I could totally afford this carrier.
  23. I love the idea of a travel carrier. I'd keep it in the car. There have definitely been times when I've been out and really wished I'd had a carrier with me!
  24. I love love everything about this carrier!! It's light weight, folds up small and is water proof..look so simple easy and light..
  25. This is great that it is so portable and convenient. You can put it right in the bottle holder on your diaper bag. perfecct!
  26. I love how compact it is! I already carry around enough stuff for two boys~ I would love to have a good carrier that doesn't take much space!
  27. I like the style of the Bittybean and how it can be worn front or back. I'm still on my quest to find THE carrier that both my LO and I find comfortable!
  28. I love that this just folds up so conveniently. I've used our Seven Sling in the same fashion, but my boy is quickly outgrowing the Seven Sling and the Bitybean would be a great replacement!
  29. This is probably the smallest folding carrier I've seen! That's amazing! I love the price point on this and how simple it appears to be to use!
  30. I didn't realize how handy a small carrier would be until I started packing my diaper bag for the first time - yikes! This looks like a great leave-in-the-bag-just-in-case solution. Thanks for the review.
  31. I love how small it folds up to. I hate carrying a diaper bag and often just stick a diaper and wipes into a pod. I bet I could fit this in my pod if I take out one diaper (I normally carry two). That is awesome!. And the price is great too. Could easily be a baby shower gift (and gateway into baby wearing).
  32. Wow! I love the idea of such a compact carrier! Especially when you have multiple children who might want to be worn! I have a 11mo old who is usually worn and a three year old who occasionally on long walks or trips wants to be worn for a while. This would be perfect to take a long as a second carrier (probably to transfer the baby into and then use a sturdier SSC or wrap for the three year old) Thanks for the review!
  33. This is brilliant! How close to the weight limit is your daughter? My kids are huge and so comfort near the upper limit is important for me.
    1. My daughter is about 24 pounds. The carrier says up to 40. I would think that a larger child would definitely put more strain on your shoulders, BUT again I think this carrier is more about convenience rather than wearing for long periods of time. If you're carrying around a 40 pound child, a carrier is going to help. ;) Know what I mean? :)
    1. It is, Natalie. Since there isn't as much padding, it's not something I would recommend for long periods of wear, especially with a larger toddler, but I could easily wear my youngest daughter for an hour or two.
  34. I love how it folds up and would be great to use on vacations when you don't want to take one that takes up so much space!
  35. This is really nice. I like how light weight and small it is. I hate trying to stuff big bulky wraps into a diaper bag. Would be fun to win and use this one :)
  36. it is great to see a really affordable travel carrier option. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for everyday use but when you need one in a pinch, it looks awesome! Yay babywearing!
  37. How handy and budget friendly. Not being easily folded and stored is one of my contentions with other carriers. I like that the bright colors as well, easy to find! This seems like a good option for traveling, takes up less space.
  38. I love this carrier is so compact. It would be great to leave in my husbands car, so he has one less thing to remember when taking the baby.
  39. This looks like a great extra carrier for travel. You never know when a blow out or something will happen in a carrier, so a spare is super handy. I do wish the back came up a little bit higher. It looks like it could offer a little bit more upper back and head support, but for the price and the size it looks good.
  40. this one is a very simple carrier which makes for a good carrier when on the go or in a rush! i would depend on this one during important days
  41. I wish the seat were wider for better knee to knee support, carriers should reach from knee to knee. However, I like that this is a multi-use ish carrier as it is good for water wearing as well.
  42. This is an awesome carrier! I love that it can fold up to be so compact! Whenever I take our Ergo out, or if I take our son out of it, the Ergo is a pain to carry out. This would be so great! Your little girl looks like she is loving it!
  43. this carrier seems great to keep in my purse. i also get caught out without a carrier relatively often, and would love to have something ready to whip out when the need arises. the bold orange looks great, but i think i'd love the sand gray as well.
  44. Wow, I've never seen this carrier before and it looks fantastic. I LOVE that it folds up so small. My current carriers take up so much room! I'd love one that could fit in the diaper bag. Thanks for the great review.
  45. After trying tons of different carriers we bought from the baby store before and after my DS, who is 4 1/2 months now, and not finding a single one I like, this is one I might try! Thank you for review, and as I stated on your 8 Accessories blog, you can just tell how happy you are about review these products! and your baby girl is beautiful!
  46. I like that this carrier folds up so small!! We travel to my dads a lot and this would be great to keep in the diaper beg so it didn't get accidentally left!!
  47. Folds up to the size of a pop can? Are you serious? That is awesome! The carriers I have are all soooooo big and honestly, a huge pain to try and take with whenever we travel. This one looks great!
  48. oh, how awesome. My husband and I are big outdoors fans, and this looks like an awesome hiking/camping option. Thanks for such a wonderful review.
  49. You both are adorable! I didnt know much about this brand of carrier until this review so thanks for all the info. i love that it is so small when pack away. thats a very nice trait for a carrier to have. this looks great for vacation too
  50. wow, wish i knew about this when i took my trip to nyc.. had my ergobaby carrier and it took up so much room. This is a must have for me.
  51. This looks awesome! I just wrote a post about why I love to baby wear. I'm a new follower on bloglovin' and am so happy to have found your blog! I hope this isn't terribly weird, but I just love all your freckles. :) -Andrea

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