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Introducing Bitybean – The Most Travel Friendly Baby Carrier I Own

When Moreaya was a newborn, I wore her constantly. Here I was, a SAHM with a new baby and a 19 month old that didn’t like not sharing attention with her new baby sister.  

Not only was I taking care of them all day, but still had to do clean, cook, and laundry – oh the laundry!

And when we went out of the house there was no possible way I could have handled both of them, at those tender ages, without babywearing. It was my lifesaver inside and outside of the house in those early months and continues to be!

I didn’t start babywearing Sophia until she was already walking. She’s always been a super independent child so she wasn’t totally happy hanging out on back when she could be walking, getting into everything.  

Moreaya, on the other hand, was worn from very early on and she still loves it to this day. One of my favorite times to wear her now is especially when we’re out of the house. Whether she’s a bit lazy, or just really wants to be in my arms, she almost always asks for me to carry her.

But, she’s getting big! So, I try to always have a baby carrier in the car, but honestly I can’t take them with us everywhere we go because even folded the most compact way I can, they’re still quite cumbersome to take along. Until I found… Bitybean!


I have fallen quite head over heels with this Carrot Orange Bitybean carrier {that I was sent free for review} – easily the most travel friendly baby carrier I own.  I can literally fit it into my coat pocket…


I don’t carry it in my pocket often, but I can. The reason this is so significant is because I don’t always know when Moreaya is going to want to be carried.  

So being able to have our Bitybean with us at all times, no matter the space constraints is such an advantage to this carrier!


The Bitybean carrier comes in 4 fun colors: Carrot Orange, Lime Green, Sky Blue, and Sand Gray.  

It folds up easily… no magic tricks to get it back in the pouch, weighs 8 oz, and can be used with children from 3 months {head control} up to 40lbs!

It’s also super cool, which makes it a great baby carrier for Summer months and when you’ll be in shallow water as the polyester and nylon fabrics dry quickly.


The reason the carrier is so small is because it does lack the super padding that a lot of carriers have. For that reason, I won’t be selling off my other carriers any time soon, but will definitely carry the Bitybean along when we’re traveling!  

Although the carrier doesn’t have as much padding, once you get a good fit and have all the straps pulled snugly, it’s actually quite comfortable in both the front and back carries.

Bitybean offers detailed instructions on how to wear your baby in both the front and back carry options.

At only $54, Bitybean is priced just right to be an add-on carrier to any babywearing stash {large or small}.  

To me, it is totally worth the price tag knowing that I always have a carrier available when Moreaya gets just a bit too heavy to carry – or I want my hands free while still keeping her close!

Emilie Lyle Hulwick

Monday 28th of October 2019

Has anyone used over three weight limit?

Megan M

Monday 28th of October 2013

I would LOVE one of these for when my daughter is older. I imagine there will be times when she wants to walk on her own, but still want to be carried. This would be perfect for those days so we don't have to lug around a toddler ssc or a wrap.

Tara C.

Sunday 27th of October 2013

I'm in love with the price and color options but I'm really glad you brought up the lack of padding. I don't have a ssc so I guess I need to really research before I buy!


Thursday 31st of October 2013

Yes, this carrier really isn't my favorite option for a One-All, the only carrier you'll have. It's PERFECT for Travel and when you need to take something along!


Friday 25th of October 2013

I love how light and compact this is! It would be great for times I don't *think* I'll need a carrier just in case!

Jordan S.

Tuesday 22nd of October 2013

I have been desperately searching for a folding/travel size carrier! I love that it can be folded up and go right into the diaper bag or your purse. The fact that it's cool for warmer months is a huge plus; my youngest gets so hot in our Boba in the summer. I also love that this can get wet and it'll dry quickly! I am so thankful for this review; I've been searching for a carrier like this and was unsure about it until seeing/reading this! It looks incredible!