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Innovation Appreciation Giveaway

Welcome to the Innovation Appreciation Giveaway Hop!  Have you ever found a product that’s so great it makes you want to stop everyone you meet and tell them about it? When I find something that makes my role as a mom easier, I just feel so thankful someone invented it! That’s what the “Innovation Appreciation” giveaway is all about. That and a chance for you to win over $450 in fabulous prizes – YES!!!

We’re celebrating those products who have made our lives a whole lot easier – even in the crunchy world!  I am so excited about the product I’m featuring too because I know it could really make a difference for lots of women!


The Freemie Freedom Breast Pump system is a huge advancement in electric breast pumps as far as innovation goes.  This unique system makes pumping easier and much more discreet for women – especially those Moms who may be returning to work and are looking for ways to pump more privately.

An entirely new style of pumping, the Freemie system makes it possible to collect breast milk with your shirt on and your hands free. And that means you can pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone.

The Freemie System is truly innovative in that the collection cups also work with other breast pump models, along with the Freedom Pump.  It retails for $169.99 for the entire system on

How’s that for Innovation Appreciation!?  Although I haven’t had the chance to personally use the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump, Courtney from Over the Moon Diapers has and she shares all about her experience here.

The Freemie Freedom Set includes the quiet, adjustable, electric Freedom pump and two 8-oz concealable collection cups (16-oz capacity total) for hands-free double pumping.


  1. I could really use this. With my son 2yrs ago the pump I had was just awful and I could never get hardly any milk but my son would get plenty. With this baby I would really love to have a pump that is what it claims to be.
  2. I would love to win the Freemie set! I'm expecting our second child and will have to return to teaching second grade after 8 weeks... The Freemie set would make exclusively breastfeeding & pumping at work so much easier!!!!

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